24 July 2024

ONC’s Quinoaplex R3: The Breakthrough Miracle-in-a-Bottle System

Organic Natural Color, the healthy hair care company renowned for its certified organic color and treatment products that nurture hair naturally now  offers its breakthrough miracle-in-a-bottle; Quinoaplex R3.

This organic bond builder and protein conditioner for all hair types is available in a salon-sized 17 oz. dispenser. Application is simple: after shampooing and towel drying hair, gently massage 2 or 3 pumps of this subtly-fragrant blend of quinoa protein, comfrey, chamomile, aloe vera and Vitamin B complex into the client’s hair and scalp until it lathers; then rinse and follow with conditioner. That’s it. Or add 0.25 fl. oz. of Quinoaplex R3 to color formula or bleach. It does not interfere with or alter the color results or change ratios, developer or formula time. 

Unlike other bond building products, Quinoaplex R3 natural composition allows the quinoa proteins to activate in only one application! The hair’s natural acid and salt oxidize combine  with the protein internally, making it swell, resulting in greater  volume for visibly thicker, fuller hair that may be thinning from  environmental or genetic stressors, and exacerbated by wear and tear from chemical services such as highlights, balayage, bleaching and overall hair coloring. The small size of the quinoa’s protein allows it to absorb more efficiently AND remain in the hair longer… making it 60% more effective than other proteins!

For best results to hold true color longer, Quinoaplex R3 works as a pre-, during and post- process treatment for augmenting sleekness and brightness: it refreshes the scalp and reduces oily roots while improving the circulation for healthier hair follicles in 10 minutes. For even greater benefits leave on hair an additional 5 minutes (15 minutes total time), to full complete protein restoration which reverses damage, breakage, split ends with instant, visible results of more resilient, radiant and revived hair. On days when time is of the essence and a client hasn’t a moment to spare, just adding a teaspoon of Quinoaplex R3 while mixing hair color helps rebuild damage incurred by protein loss while minimizing tingle on itchy scalps. 

Need more? Quinoaplex R3’s benefits list includes:

  1. –pH regulation: the complicated science of maintaining hair’s ideal moisture balance  for controlling flyaways and frizz. Quinoaplex R3 perfectly re-establishes the ideal ph balance needed for healthy hair.
  2. –Bond renewal
  3. –Increases elasticity and manageability
  4. –Volume building for easier styling  

While several foods are known to provide topical treatment benefits for hair, Quinoa has been singled out by the National Institute of Health as the only supergrain whose rare 100% complete plant protein composition of nine essential amino acids is virtually identical to that of human hair. Like a match made in hair heaven, when the proteins connect, they immediately bond together, making hair stronger and rebuilding it naturally as it penetrates the hair shaft by organically restoring lost protein. Quinoa is also naturally loaded with vitamin B complex, the most necessary nutrient for gorgeous glossy hair and most doctors’ prescribed ingredient for thinning hair and hair loss.

Quinoaplex R3 is available online. Visit https://quinoaplex.com for sizes, pricing and more information.


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