26 March 2023

Hmelt: using science to optimise natural processing in hair colour

Hmelt is the result of prodigious natural alchemical processes that completely excludes the use of synthetic substances to help every person express his or her true nature.

The fashion world today is obsessed with hair colour, thanks to the many developments in hair colouring products made over recent years. Many women have been experimenting with everything from subtlely added dimensional low lights to brighter pastel highlights to full-blown unicorn and mermaid looks. Hmelt is one of the companies that fully realises how each colour has deep meaning: the colour we choose communicates in a powerful and immediate way something of ourselves, identifying and distinguishing us, and making usunique. Moreover, they know well that salon clients are savvier today in seeking out “green” alternatives to harsh chemicals and are increasingly engaged in saving the planet. This is why Hmelt is committed to obtaining only the healthiest phyto-active ingredients through a two-step alchemical process.

Their source plants are grown with biodynamic techniques without the chemical help of fertilisers, pesticides and insecticides. Biodynamic plants offer the advantage of developing the ability to defend themselves from external agents by producing anthocyanins, antioxidants and polyphenols. The second step includes harvesting during the biodynamic balsamic period, when plant active ingredients are at their full concentration and effectiveness. Then in Organic Way’s Alchemy Laboratories, these officinal herbs are combined with ingredients from fair trade, organic farming and other high-quality raw materials, following the principles of Green Chemistry.

Then the finishing touch are the recyclable precious glass and aluminium containers. But the results in the Organic Way salon are obviously the strongest selling point! Ethical phytopigments (Krameria, Broom, Indian Walnut, Lycopene, Curcuma and Saffron) give deep natural reflections to hair, polish hair stems and protect hair with antioxidant action. Organic Mullein absorbs aggressive solar radiation and transforms it into luminosity reflected from the hair. Biodynamic Dock re-mineralizes and protects the hair.

So classic hues like authentic chestnut, copper gold are a snap and fashion shades like sunny orange, purple, red and pastel blues, pinks, and greens keep your clients right on trend. Moreover, HMELT  is extremely versatile. Use it as a dedicated treatment or add it to other salon services to revitalize cosmetic colours, enhance reflections, or even correct unwanted hues. Then count on the HMELT MASK to revitalise, nourish, and add shine in 6 shades that enriches and extends the professional service at home between appointments.

HMELT helps every salon customer find their own chromatic signature and make it a true expression of their unique personality.


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