17 September 2021

Stygian by Tracey Hughes

According to Tracey Hughes, Stygian conjures up a dark forbidden abyss that you, the viewer, are encouraged to delve into. The exquisite spiritual balance of simplicity is haunted by anti-utopia inspired by an elaborate blend of culture, pure technique and social reality.

For photographer Bernard Gueit, this was a chance to consider mythology and history, and how that would impact the eventual shoot. “With stark images and clean lines –the hair– which is the hero of the story will come into sharp focus. My approach was to frame the subjects in light but maintain depth, mood and tone in the shadows,” says Bernard, “I used a single light and several reflectors and deflectors to illuminate and highlight the strength of Tracey’s creation and her vision to capture ‘dark light.

Stygian presents a fusion of cutting techniques, incorporating classic methods with angles and curves that are tailored with an editorial approach to add a subtle distortion in textures to become futuristic and fresh.

Color that is divided by segments of light creates a complex framework of depth in dark and light shadows. Stygian is an illusion of dark, ethereal beauty.

  • Credits
    Hair: Tracey Hughes
    Photo: Bernard Gueit Studios
    Makeup: Emma Jane Miller
    Stylist: Carlos Mangubat


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