31 January 2023

Farouk Cancun 2017: A Beautiful Hair Extravaganza & Touching Texas Hometown Support

This unforgettable conference started with a star-studded World of Color Show followed by the General Session, and ended with a touching Gala Night, where the legendary Farouk Shami acknowledged those affected by Hurricane Harvey, and the devastating effects that it had in the brand’s hometown as well as the southern hairdressing industry.

This year was different for the Farouk family, as the celebrations turned bittersweet with the arrival of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, the brand’s hometown. Farouk Shami, as the great man that he is, referenced the tragedy head on, and shared a video where he empathizes with the whole industry that felt any sort of loss. As we all know, Farouk is all about giving back, and in this video posted on the company’s Facebook page, Shami addresses the hairdressers of Texas and Louisiana, and turns to one of his main pillars, charity, to address the devastation.

This is Farouk Shami chairman of Farouk Systems, makers of CHI & Biosilk. As we are devastated by Harvey, I am looking at positive side,” said Farouk. “To the hairdressers of Texas, to the hairdressers of Louisiana, please check on every salon that got devastated – I am donating 5 million dollars in products to go the salons, to go to the hairdressers, and work together to get back on our feet. It is time to prove how much we love Texas, it is our responsibility, God bless you.

Aside from nature’s impact on the brand’s hometown, Farouk Systems returned to Cancun hotter than ever, invading this beautiful Mexican paradise with over 5,000 beauty professionals from 142 countries and more education and inspiration from Global Artists than ever before! To start the weekend off, the Farouk family got international star Nelly who joined the Farouk Family with hip hop for the beauty celebration. Nelly and his explosive hits, ‘Hot in Herre,’ and ‘Ride wit Me,’ shook up the place as he rapped the opening night to kick off an unforgettable weekend!

This year Farouk Systems showcased two new exciting shows focusing on Color and Men and also met the prestigious Brand Ambassadors! Farouk’s World of Color Show featuring color trends from top colorists around the world (click here to watch the video!) and Esquire Grooming Show included renowned barbers demonstrating the latest trends and techniques in men’s hairstyling. After the opening shows, attendees had full access to Farouk Systems’ Learning Center along with look & learn or hands on classes in cutting and styling!

Lisa Marie Garcia, President of Innovation, took the stage to present some of the new & upcoming product launches of the company: from the amazing Royal Treatment line with white truffle and pearl to the brand new Biosilk Silk Therapy with organic coconut oil or the revolutionary CHI LAVA tools (coming in November!), amongst many other innovations.

Estetica got the opportunity to interview Farouk Shami himself on this bittersweet weekend and will feature the exclusive interview in our Fall Issue, which focuses in men’s grooming, so be sure to stay tuned to catch the interview, or subscribe here!

Sunday was a day of focus and festivities, starting the day with classes, courses and seminars. Attendees got what they went to Cancun to do; learn everything they can from the pros followed by a dinner and an unforgettable gala night. The highlight of the elegant ordeal was the Award Ceremony, which included a presentation of Farouk Systems’ inspiring new line, Royal Treatment (click here to watch the video!)

If you did not get a chance to escape to the hot spicy lands of Cancun, then check out the gallery below for some of the creative visuals that surround this amazing event!


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