28 September 2021

No Passport Required! Live-Stream Farouk Systems 2017 Cancun Conference’s Best Moments!

Farouk Systems Global Conference Cancun 2017 will be live-streaming in blocks (full schedule below) starting from TODAY through Sunday, August 27th so you can STILL be part of the action, innovation and education… no matter where you are!

Visit Farouk.com, CHI.com and Farouk Systems and CHI Facebook pages to join in on the inspiring classes and joyful festivities live from the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancun!

Friday, August 25th
The first live-stream kicks off at 7PM CST featuring Red Carpet arrivals as the Official Welcome Party gets underway!

Saturday, August 26th
Stream begins 9:30AM CST – General Session features a complete lineup of can’t-miss events so we’re making sure you don’t! Wake up with the astonishing “World of Color” Show! You’ll also have the opportunity to check out new and exciting hair care products, meet our prestigious Brand Ambassadors, and see the incredible Esquire Men’s Esquire Grooming Show! 
Other Highlights Featured:
Stream begins 1PM CST – Educational Classes – Look and Learn & Hands-On
Stream begins 7PM CST – Educator Night Awards

Sunday, August 27th
Stream begins 9AM CST – Distributor Breakfast Awards
Stream begins 1PM CST – Educational Classes – Look and Learn & Hands-On
Stream begins 7PM CST – Gala Awards Night – Award-winning stylists showcase graceful up styles and artisanal looks utilizing a re-imagining of a classic Farouk product you’ll have to tune in to see!

Click here to view LIVE Stream at CHI.com


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