8 December 2021

Video Alert! How To: Removing Weight from a Heavy Fringe

Have you ever cut a beautiful fringe and after you dry and refine it still looks too dense, especially in the corner when cutting side sweeping bangs?” asks Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa.  Watch how he avoids this issue by removing weight from the inside out to eliminate unwanted density.

To address density, you first have to understand where the density actually is, you can get into trouble if you see density and texturize the upper surface, because the problem usually originates on the inside out,” adds Carruthers.

Carruthers likes to use Sam Villa Signature Series InvisiBlend Shears for this technique because only the blade with the teeth is sharp and cuts, the other blade is polished and pushes hair forward so the cut is short to long… a scalloped effect, and the result is soft and blended.

– Start on the inside out
– Stay away from the scalp to avoid short pieces that stick straight up.
– Pull top layer to the side and take small sections, close the blades and pull through the hair – the shears will not grab, it’s ok to be aggressive because there is no fear of creating holes or short spots.
– Continue back in sheets, float back from the scalp a little more with each section.
– Keep taking top layers down and comb hair to check the progress.

Don’t get into the habit of reverting back to your favorite texturing technique, stay purposeful and mindful of your ultimate goal… you can always take more away, but you can’t put it back on!” he adds.


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