7 October 2022

TEK’s Twin Sets are the Ultimate Must-Have for Every Summer Jet-Setter

With summer travel on the rise, jet setters everywhere are on the go! The Hamptons beckon New York-based celebrities like Kelly Ripa and Scarlett Johansson. West Coast celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo DiCaprio spend their summer weekends on the beach in Malibu.

Whether you are at the Jersey Shore or on the French Riviera, packing light and smart makes for a smooth and stress-free trip! That’s why TEK’s Twin Sets for both men and women are essential items for your packing list.

The TEK Twin Set for Men includes a handmade ash wood brush and comb set with a convenient cotton case you can toss into a backpack or overnight bag. The handmade brush, with authentic wild boar bristles, does double time as a grooming tool for your hair and beard. The bristles are designed to give the scalp an energizing massage, while the comb’s thick wooden teeth work well on wet hair so it can be used poolside or at the beach. Juggling work and summer fun is easier when you get TEK savvy.

TEK’s Twin Set for Women is handcrafted with the same care and thoughtful design resulting in a practical, yet beautiful, addition to your overnight bag. This charming set includes a versatile little oval brush with regular wooden pins, a wide-toothed wood comb designed to stand-up to wet, tangled hair, and a handy little cotton case.

TEK made these tools using the most versatile materials and designs to work with every hair type and texture. TEK’s Twin Set for Women sizzles in 9 vibrant colors that appeal to your individual style. Step your travel game up a notch or two with TEK’s Twin Set!

TEK products are available for purchase on their website. For more information, please visit www.tekitalyus.com


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