20 March 2023

10 Reasons Why You Cannot Miss OMC Hairworld 2017 in Paris!

You still have time to book your tickets to Paris and witness this year’s OMC Hairworld Global Competition! The competition will take place during the biggest professional beauty show in France, MCB by Beauté Sélection and will open with the prestigious Hairworld Global Award Cocktail Party on Saturday, September 16.

1. Paris the City of Lights, the Eiffel Tower and Porte de Versailles Gardens are a must to visit.
As, always, the organization, being global, can choose its location. This year, you can take advantage of those vacation days to inspire yourself in this competition while getting culture at the Louvre and catch up on the shopping at The Champs Élyseés!

2. OMC World Cup – The Olympics of Beauty in Paris
OMC Hairworld offers a global platform to all competitors of the beauty sector of Hair, Aesthetics and Nails to become World Champions in their own field among competitors from the 5 continents.

3. Hairworld Global Awards / Reception of the Nations Not-To-Be-Missed!
With over 50 member countries and over 2,000,000 individual members worldwide, this is a competition that will lure 1,000 of the most competitive participants in the industry on a global scale!

4. Learn about the Latest Professional Innovations of the 500 Exhibitors at MCB by Beauté Sélection
As the biggest hair competition in the world, exhibitors know that those hairdressers who push the boundaries will be present, especially those looking for groundbreaking tools and products to help them elevate their craft.

5. Visit the OMC Competitors Preparation Village of the 44 OMC Countries!
Take this opportunity to expand your network and meet others in the industry on an international scale.

6. View the Creations of the 1,000 Competitors in 35 Different Categories in Two Days!
Inspiration GALORE! No matter where you look, there is a special trick, tool or secret to learn from these many competitors and their creations. Get seeped in this intense environment where competition and talent allow your inspiration to fly!

7. Be Part of the Social Media Community at the OMC Hairworld
OMC is going digital! For the first time in history, this prestigious organization is hosting a contest taking place on a virtual platform. Instagram has changed the hairdressing game, and OMC is embracing a visual place where the sharing of ideas has to engage more profoundly and share opportunities for artistic growth and community through competing and being part of the OMC family.

  • 8. Meet the OMC World Best Winner of the Instagram Contest
  • You can enter the competition in three easy steps: follow @omchairworld; create and share your most artistic work on Instagram using both hashtags #OMCHairWorld & #OMCWorldBest; then tag your hair friends in the comments and invite them to the contest! Winners will be chosen by the number of likes on your image, so be sure to share your art far and wide to get your community support.

9. OMC Final Awards Ceremony meet the 2017 OMC World Cup Winners
The highest OMC Awards presented annually include Hall of Fame, Sponsor, Ambassador, Education, Motivation, Academy and Best Magazine Awards. Estetica is happy to share the winners of the coveted Life Achievement Global Award – this year, both Ann Bray from the USA and Gigi Gandini from Italy are the recipients of this very prestigious honor!

10. Take a Picture with Salvatore Fodera OMC World President!
The World Organization is managed by the OMC World President / CEO and Hairdressing Global Icon Salvatore Fodera, who as always, plans an event that manages to somehow surpass their previous annual success. Around the world, within the Professional Salon Industry, he is internationally acknowledged as the master for having won more hair styling competition medals than any other hair designer!

BUT IF YOU CANNOT MAKE IT… ESTETICA will be in the City of Lights with the inside scoop of who wins the gold and, of course, online coverage of the breath-taking creations that are always spotted in this annual competition!

For more information, please visit www.omchairworld.com


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