23 February 2024

20 Best Looks of Revlon Style Masters curated by Global Creative Hair Guru Miquel Garcia

Revlon Professional celebrated its outstanding annual global competition during the monumental Style Masters Show 2017 in Brussels. The Belgian capital hosted the 9th edition of this magnificent show and international contest.

The contest recognized the talent of the best hair stylists during an incredible gala conducted by Miquel Garcia, VP Global Creative and Artistic Director for Revlon.

We are a brand that has supported the hairdresser as an individual and Style Masters addresses that vocation that we all have. That was the first objective of creating the competition that after became the hair show that it is today,” says Miquel.

This competition remains true to its philosophy: to support every hairstylist as an artist and offer all professionals an opportunity to make their most creative work visible. 4,000 guests from 50 countries from all over the world came to see the 9 international finalists and cheered on the Global Winner Julia Beckers! The 9 international finalists displayed their skills on the catwalk and at the end of the show, the awards of the night went to Mateusz Milejski (Poland), Young Talent Award; Jérémy Pereira (France), Best Commercial Award Winner; Rafael Bueno (Spain), Best Live Execution Award; and Julia Beckers (Germany), Global Winner.

The reality is that the world of fashion has an immeasurable force, and we hairdressers work one of the most important elements of the fashion industry which is hairdressing,” explained Miquel. “I believe that relying on this lever, fashion, is something that gives us credibility and importance. A hairdresser, no matter how talented, will have his salon, his chair, and without linking that to something larger, it is difficult to truly align to success. When a niche hairdresser decides to create a collection that is in tune with fashion, then it becomes a part of something bigger.

For the Style Masters Show we decided to focus on what lines would interest the hairdresser the most,” explains Miquel. “There are lines that are more paradoxical and educational, and then then others that are inspirational. We opted for the more inspirational because after a certain volume of people, say 500, the seminar based event would lose it essence since the lack of proximity would defeat the purpose. The inspirational side of things allows for a larger event, and since there is more time to fill, you need more models and more looks, and that makes an inspiring experience.

During the Style Masters Show, Miquel Garcia presented the stunning Revlon Professional Spring Summer 2017 Collection: Havana. The magical Amazonia presentation came after, starring the Revlon Professional’s Russian Artistic Team. Revlon wants the brand’s collections to be an explanation and justification of hair in the world of fashion so hairdressers can truly absorb the ideas and take them back to the salon. That’s why the event relied heavily on the presentation of the last two collections: Style Masters’ Double or Nothing Collection and the preview of the forthcoming Revlon Professional Fall Winter 2017 Collection: Design.

Every year we have a segment where we look for the hairdresser’s appeal,” explains Miquel. “What makes a hairdresser a hairdresser? From that, Double or Nothing was born; a segment that illustrate the desire of hairdressers. It has very geometric looks designed in two colors, a very artistic take in black and white – everything that we define as an army of styling where the purity of color, purity of cut and sharp styling are the focus. Lastly, we decided to incorporate a segment that was completely exotic, with work that was executed by pure inspiration, fantasy and creative freedom. This year, we did not want to enclose ourselves on one theme, but rather worked on global trends that can be found in all forms of fashion, which is the tropic Amazonia.”

Take a look at Miquel Garcia’s top 20 selection from the event to inspire you!


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