9 August 2022

Cocktail Coloring: Estetica’s Exclusive with TIGI’s Richy Kandasamy

TIGI’s 2017 Collection SHIFT shows a changing mood in hairdressing & coloring, embracing natural texture & creating personalized styles. As an internationally acclaimed color director for TIGI Italy, UK and ultimately USA, Richy Kandasamy has colored the globe!

The TIGI International Creative Team utilizes evolving information to inspire, refresh and upgrade their work with eight new cut and color techniques using TIGI copyright©olour and the new Bed Head Colour Trip! These tubes can transform into a color cocktail providing flexibility to create anything from intense, electric tones to punked out pastels. Layering is used to make colors appear stronger, fringes to define shape and curl to create a new, editorial-inspired feeling. This new format and attitude, with strong shapes and colors, redefines the cuts to give a specific mood through the starting point of color choice. SHIFT comprises eight new haircuts and color techniques providing the foundation of 2017 creative education programs in TIGI Academies across the globe and we have the exclusive TIGI’s Artist and Creative Director Richy Kandasamy shares the reasoning behind the creation of this new collection and color line!

Tell me why TIGI decided to launch this Shift Collection.
At TIGI we feel it is essential to launch an annual collection, to stay current with fashion, culture and seasonal color palettes. These are also the most tactile lines of communication and inspiration for both hairdressers and consumers.

From a salon owner’s perspective, how do you envision Colour Trip by TIGI to help increase business revenue?
Colour Trip is TIGI’s new semi permanent line that is super effective and efficient as it can create both strong and bright colors and can also be used for color correction. It is a great new tool for salon owners as it is cuts cost and time at the color bar with its versatility.

Tell me about the education efforts that complement this new launch?
We have Colour Trip “Play Dates” where colorists learn to create different shades on hair by intermixing the color in creative ways, having the opportunity to experiment and get comfortable prior to working behind the chair with clients. TIGI is a brand known by many generations of consumers, but this line is specially bright, vibrant, and full of unnatural but rather fashion colors.

I saw the #HOWFARWILLYOUGO campaign and was curious about all efforts TIGI is taking to interact with consumers?
Bright colors are in high demand amongst both the Fashion elite and mass consumer. Bed Head Colour Trip is super innovative in that you can use the product both backstage and very commercially behind the chair – which is a big component of the brand. The versatility of the line is the main strength and point of difference.

What has been the feedback of your own TIGI education when presented to this new line of semi-permanent color?
Our educators are excited because this line is not just a semi-permanent, it is also a treatment because of its key ingredients – Keratin complex  and coconut oil. We have had a lot of success with the line through education, which is the corner stone of our TIGI business philosophy.

Colour Trip reflects the TIGI Urban Tribe, a youth that wants to be seen!



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