1 October 2022

Video Alert! 3 Ways to Use a Blending Shear on Long Hair

Stylists looking to up their blending shear game can learn three ways to use a blending shear on longer hair from Jesse Linares, Sam Villa ArtTeam. 

Blending shears can do so much more than just finesse a cut at the end. They can be used throughout the cut to take off length and texturize at the same time, which saves time on each cut,” says Linares.

The Sam Villa Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear has an ambidextrous grip and double tangs, so it opens up more cutting options. Some of these techniques may already be achieved with regular shears, but the results are so much sweeter when removing length, reducing density and creating soft textured ends when using this shear.

3 Ways to Use a Blending Shear on Long Hair

Flip the shears so the teeth are pointing down to remove more length – hair is removed with a textured line on the first cut so less time is devoted to blending hair later.

Point cut to create soft texture like a razor, with far more control on the amount of hair coming off.  Ends are nicely textured on the first pass.

Use for slide cutting (pinch and talk/out cutting) to create wispy textured ends – it takes off less hair than a blunt razor, so there is more control.


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