2 February 2023

Wella Studios education is Designed for Hairdressers and is Adaptable for the Team & Business Needs of Any Salon!

As a world leader in providing education, Wella Professionals has been delivering cutting edge training programs and support to professionals working in the hair industry for over 135 years.

With over 90,000 activities on offer to 1.8 million hairdressers, Wella Educators understand that training isn’t ‘one-size fits all’ and every course is tailor- made to unleash the potential of each individual hairdresser. Once hairdressers reach a certain point in their career, clients’ demands often take over, meaning that training sessions fall by the wayside. Wella Studios North America offer an extensive range of Master Craft programs to entice and motivate senior staff to keep up to date with the latest techniques and trends! As well as learning new skills, training is essential for inspiring and motivating hairdressers to offer clients the best possible service every single time.

A truly outstanding achievement for Wella Professionals has been in the sphere of color, with the creation of the most comprehensive educational color programs in our industry. The Wella Master Color Expert program is considered by many as the highest level of color education a hairdresser can receive. The program also helps colorists to futureproof their business, and includes business building tips into the entire program to drive turnover and maximize marketing opportunities. Most graduates see a 20% increase in their clientele and 30% increase in their personal revenue!

The 10-day course is celebrated by graduates as one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding experiences of their careers! You push boundaries in understanding color in depth, allowing you to grow your skills, clientele, creativity and business to its utmost potential. This program is open to colorists with 5-year industry experience with a minimum of 1 year using Wella Color. A hybrid of a strategic business-building course, plus technical skills and creativity, the combined curriculum offers colorists an experience that ensures invaluable training.

The Wella Studios recently launched the exciting Master Styling Program! This series of seminars truly targets the techniques and artistry of dressing hair. The program, developed by Wella Studio Signature Artist Oliver Shortall and Wella Studios North America Artistic Leader, Diego Raviglione, premieres this summer at the Wella Studio Los Angeles. Once the pre-requisite courses are completed, stylists are eligible to enroll in the Master Styling Program. The intense 4-day program includes an in-depth analysis of the elements of design, scientific understanding behind the chemistry of hair and styling products, mastery of hair setting techniques, an inspirational visit to prestigious Los Angeles museums or art exhibits and an Avant-garde editorial photo shoot!

An extensive range of classes entices senior staff to unleash their potential!

For more info visit wellaed.com, e-mail studioreg@cotyinc.com or call 800-422-2336


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