23 June 2024

Breaking News! New incubator Personal Brands debuts at Cosmoprof North America

Personal Brands makes its official debut this weekend at Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas. This New York City-based beauty innovation company creates high-performance, naturally derived and safe, meticulously formulated products that have been created with ethically sourced botanical ingredients and sustainable manufacturing practices to avoid inflicting harm on people, animals or the environment.

Personal Brands also partners with existing brands to help them fully reach their potential, rejuvenate their stories and their spirits.

The Davidson Family founded Personal Brands to provide a platform for top hairstylists, beauty professionals, product formulators and beauty lovers. The company curates, partners with and develops modern products that exceed the newest standards of excellence. The initial portfolio includes Groh Total Vitality Boost (Booth 38031), Beth Minardi Signature (Booth 38039), WolffBehr (Booth 38025), Peter Coppola and Fiona Stiles.

GROH: Groh, created by Marvin Hausman, MD, is a dietary supplement and treatment ritual formulated to rejuvenate dormant cells in hair, scalp, skin, nails, lashes and brows, supporting a healthier and more optimized lifestyle. By combining the work of leading medical and nutritional researchers with the most potent and pure ingredients from nature, Groh has developed products that treat the entire body—inside and out. Central to the line is Daily Vitality Boost, an ingestible supplement with Ergo Boost Complex, a blend of rich antioxidants and bionutrients that works internally and externally with the body’s complex biological systems to support healthy skin, scalp, hair, nails and lashes. Hair products include Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-In Styling Treatment and Stimulating Scalp Serum. The skin care lineup features Rejuvenating Skin Lotion, Hydrating Face Serum and Invigorating Face Wash.

BETH MINARDI SIGNATURE: America’s haircolor authority’s eponymous line kicks it up a notch with her personally formulated Signature Hair Color and color-support products. Minardi invested the equity and passion from her career in elevating hair color to an art form in order to create more than 80 intermixable, dimensional, high-shine shades that range from the lightest pales to cool, smoky tones to brilliant coppers and reds—all with amazing coverage. The scientific tenant of the brand? First, do no harm. That’s why Minardi’s color is formulated with two conditioners—phytocollagen and ceramide—one for inside the cortex and one to protect the cuticle.

PETER COPPOLA PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE: Created by legendary stylist Peter Coppola, the original Keratin formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment provides a hair-safe anti-aging boost, while adding shine and volume. Peter Coppola Professional Hair Care Products have been redesigned and reformulated to allow professionals and consumers to unleash their creativity and experience results beyond the highest industry standards.

WOLFFBEHR: Gets its education power from Philip Wolff and Chief Behr. These upbeat stylists are dedicated, along with Personal Brands, to returning the art and craft of hairdressing to hairstylists. They’ve developed a cult-like following from like-minded stylists who are eager for a culture, education and products that are real. New WolffBehr Lightener, the first product in the collection, is a balayage bleach containing azulene. Creative stylers will follow.

FIONA STILES offers a modern collection of professional color cosmetics with innovative formulations and breakthrough textures. Rooted in the artistry and education of celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles, the brand offers fearless, mistake-free makeup that’s built upon individual expression. Known for her finely honed techniques, supernatural skin and awe-inspiring lips and eyes, Fiona Stiles has garnered increasing recognition and respect among the fashion, music and entertainment industries. Her key missions are to remove the intimidation of cosmetics and encourage confident self-expression through education, quality products and creative techniques.

Personal Brands is rooted in professional beauty and believes in sharing the professional message beyond traditional channels to reach clients where they prefer to purchase their products. Distributors may contact Rebecca Mariolis, vice president of business development, at rebecca@personalbrands.co. Visit personalbrands.co


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