26 September 2022

TEK Professional Ceramic Antibacterial Brushes set a New Standard

Whether you realize it or not, you put your brushes through a lot. From running its bristles through often oily hair, to letting it sit wet in a dark drawer after a shower, and even tossing it into a gym bag next to your sweaty clothes, there are a lot of ways that bacteria can grow on the bristles of your brush.

But TEK, the Queen of Brushes, has developed a formula for their “Ceramik” line that destroys even persistent bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus, making it the first line of its kind!

Kiss irritated skin goodbye! The antibacterial properties in this unique formula coat each individual bristle, enabling a powerful repellant across the entire surface of your brush. By attacking and destroying harmful bacteria, this ultra-hygienic brush is safe to use in even the most questionable scenarios. Additionally, TEK Ceramik brushes work to distribute heat evenly throughout hair by avoiding thermal shock thanks to antistatic properties.

The porosity of the ceramic material then helps close delicate hair follicles, keeping hair shiny and damage free so your color and style last longer. Brush diameters are offered in four sizes ranging from .94” to 1.65” (24mm to 42mm), and have been tested by the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramic Materials – National Research Council (ISTEC-CNR).

True to their reputation for creating luxurious, ergonomic handmade, wooden products following sustainable principles – and with a special attention to environmental protection – the ergonomic handle on this brush is made of 100% certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) ash wood, and has been set with temperature-resistant, professional-grade bristles. Promote volume and shine while you style your client’s hair – or your own!

Dubbed the “Queen of Brushes”, TEK has been a leader in the brush and comb industry since conception in 1977. It has since been featured at the Modern Art Museum of New York, and has received awards from the Honour Selection of Grand Design International Exposition at the Museum of Science and Technology of Milan, among others. Every component of TEK’s wooden products has been created following sustainable principles, combining Made-in-Italy craftsmanship and technology with strong design and fashion sensibilities. And both professionals and consumers alike have responded by embracing the brand for everything it stands for.


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