27 January 2023

Wahl Professional creates Global Platform for Education as Host of the 2017 Global Education Leadership Summit

Wahl Professional hosted the inaugural Global Education Leadership Summit (GELS) to engage with Wahl educators from around the world and teach them to think like an artist.

In March 2017, Wahl global artists met at Wahl Clipper Corporation’s Global Headquarters in Sterling, IL to practice the joining of minds, identifying core techniques and best practices and implementing them to create a global platform for education. “We want to provide not only the mechanical tools that work for the global beauty and barber industry, but we want to provide the knowledge to use them,” says Lance Wahl, Global Vice President Professional Products, Wahl Clipper Corporation. “This knowledge will help our professionals elevate their careers and create great hair anywhere in the world!

From the United States, to Australia and Russia and many more, the first Wahl GELS represented eighteen total countries and introduced an inclusive look at the best hair techniques from around the world. “To have Greg Wahl, CEO of Wahl Clipper Corporation and Lance Wahl, the Global Vice President Professional Products, Wahl Clipper Corporation personally support and attend the event as guest speakers was encouraging, and reinforces the importance of education for the industry,” says Laura VanderMoere, Global Director of Education, Wahl Professional and host of the summit.

From Wahl’s origin in 1919, Wahl education has since surged as a global phenomenon. When industry influencers think of men’s grooming, they immediately connect with Wahl—the catalyst behind every hair artist’s success for precision clipper cutting and creative hairstyles.

Our mission is to leave no artist behind,” says VanderMoere. “To pour everything we have into supporting and helping each licensed professional, student and instructor to think and create beyond the boundaries our industry imposes on us, in both hair artistry and business. And to always be there for them.” With a growing global reach of hair artistry, Wahl practices the joining of minds—and techniques—with a consistent methodology. Wahl Professional launched the 5-Step Method, a universal education for hair artists around the world.

We introduced a format called the 5-Step Method, which is a thought process to be used by everyone. It applies to all cultures, textures, genders, ages and skill levels. Once the artist understands this concept, they will soar,” says VanderMoere. “I challenge all artists, regardless of how long or little they have practiced, to engage in the 5-Step Method.” To think like an artist opens professionals up to every opportunity the industry offers, while recognizing and respecting all genders and cultures as equal. It positions the professional to choose and create their career path.

This consistent message was the motivation and goal behind the inaugural GELS, and was carried out in all aspects of the summit, from the joining of minds and identifying core techniques and best practices, to creating a global platform for education. Wahl hosted hair professionals from the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Argentina, Italy, France, Japan, Spain, Australia, India, Costa Rica, Mexico, Netherlands, Malaysia, South Africa, Russia and Brazil.

The summit was extremely successful. To see everyone from around the world in the same room, with the same passions coupled with their energy was powerful! At times, I stood back in awe (and pride) watching everyone connect. Communicating through the internet is fascinating, to meet in person is life changing,” says VanderMoere.

Wahl plans to host future summits with the hopes that each subsidiary will have an opportunity to host the event so attendees can experience cultures first-hand. “With Wahl, there is a Method behind our education so anyone who attends a Wahl class feels like they truly got something out of that class,” adds Wahl.

To learn more about Wahl education and to find out about upcoming classes and events, visit wahlpro.com


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