3 February 2023

Elchim Hot Tools put Hair Health First

Hot tools have become a priceless resource for managing unruly locks. But they can also take a toll on the overall health of your client’s hair, dulling shine, damaging ends…

While most at-home hot tool users don’t intentionally try to singe their delicate follicles, understanding what temperature and tool is right for your client’s hair type could save a lot of bad hair days.

First, it’s important to note that healthy hair begins to burn at 451 degrees (F). So if you’ve cranked the volume up on your straightener, blow dryer or curling wand with the hope of saving a few minutes in your morning routine, you might want to reconsider. Instead, follow Elchim’s setting guide to apply the right heat for your hair type:

Hair Type                               Temperature Setting
Fine & Double Processed      Below 360
Natural & Textured                 420-450 for first passes
                                               370-400 for touch ups
Color-Treated                         340-360
Children & Elderly                  Lowest setting available – 300 or lower
Normal-Fine                           Below 360
Normal-Medium                     370-390
Normal-Coarse                      360-410

Next, make sure you’re purchasing a tool that allows you to adjust the temperature settings. Elchim provides a wide range of tools that not only allows you full control of the settings, but also includes ionic ceramic technology to provide extra heat protection, shine and volume.

In the professional appliance market, I want integrity and honesty to drive the Elchim brand of products,” Elchim Co-Director Luca Sabbatini states. “Our products should stand alone, encompassing the newest technology, style, ergonomics and creativity. Every component is full of love because I know every single hand that worked on our blow dryers here in Italy. We take enormous pride in providing the finest hair tools in the market.

Weighing in at approximately 35% less than a typical blow dryer, the Elchim 3900 Light blow dryer still has more than enough power to create perfect styles in half the time. Hair remains silky and full of shine thanks to the ionic ceramic system, which dries hair from the inside out to prevent heat damage and reduce static electricity. 

Likewise, the Elchim Curling Iron features a sophisticated electronic system complete with LCD display that allows you full control of the temperature setting, and heats up in just a few seconds. The ceramic and titanium oxide coating keeps hair healthy by improving the transmission of heat.

Since 1945, Elchim has created outstanding professional tools including hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons for professional hairstylists and consumers around the globe. Their reputation is for creating the most ergonomic professional tools available on the market, using highly-advanced technology to seal hair cuticles and preserve hair integrity and shine for lasting, healthy hair. All products are certified by impartial international organizations such as NEMKO, ETL, SASO and INMERTRO, among others to ensure that the strictest international safety and quality regulations are met.

For more information on Elchim, visit www.elchim.com


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