24 July 2024

Davines and Comfort Zone launch the third edition of the I Sustain Beauty campaign

Beauty and Sustainability interact in perfect harmony throughout every field of its business, and the primary importance of Beauty at Davines and [ comfort zone ] is highlighted by a joint project: the third edition of the I Sustain Beauty campaign.

The company turns to its international community of hairdressers, beauticians and clients to help it collect projects in the social, artistic and environmental spheres, with the objective to promote a positive impact on the planet and sustain the ideal of beauty in all forms. Can beauty save the world? It can certainly make it a better place and become an instrument of systematic change, starting from small gestures and initiatives that bring out the best and most beautiful side in everyone.

During the first two editions launched in 2014 and 2016, more than 170 projects were collected, with contributions coming in from many countries: United States, Sweden, Australia, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Italy and South Africa, and they are presented on the website www.isustainbeauty.com. Each project, narrated through images, videos and a short description of the initiative, proved that it is possible to create, protect and promote beauty through the willpower and personal engagement of those who believe in this value and support it even outside their own profession. They include projects by beauty professionals who go beyond the sphere of their own skills to make tangible contributions of enormous potential, capable of generating a virtuous circle of word of mouth communication and positive influences.

This describes the two co-winners of the last edition of the campaign, who are full-fledged new Testimonials of the third edition that is about to start: Mondays at Racine’s, a United States project from Racine salon, always on the frontline in supporting cancer patients by giving then free cosmetic and aesthetic care: massages, yoga lessons, makeup tips and psychological support. During the years, this project has expanded to become a network of 13 salons capable of helping more than 6,000 people.

The second project, Fiumi D’acqua Viva Onlus, comes from a nonprofit organization founded by Ewa Space of Beauty, an Italian spa of Lamezia Terme, that helps young people from 13 to 25 years of age to overcome issues of lack of self-esteem, integration, bullying and anorexia with a recreational centre created right inside the spa.

Both winners received the prize of 10,000 euro worth of material and equipment, which they will use to continue further with what they have already accomplished.

Also worthy of mention is the Peruvian project Without Boundaries by Salvatore Giaquinta, winner of I Sustain Beauty first edition. That project was originated from the will to put in place a training program dedicated to women who live in poverty, in a very needy area of the outskirts of Lima. In this school, completely self-financed by Salvatore, are taught theory lessons, as well as practical ones on haircutting and colouring. Not only this project teaches a profession, thus creating an opportunity to enter the job market, also builds the foundation for a better society.

The third edition of I Sustain Beauty will officially begin on June 15th and until the end of March 2018 will be open on the website www.isustainbeauty.com to collect projects and continue to inspire beauty professionals to create small and bigger actions of inestimable value.

Founded in Parma in 1983 by the Bollati family, the Davines Group is a globally successful Italian company operating in the professional haircare and skincare sectors. Its in-house research laboratories focus on the development of high quality products that combine artisan spirit and respect for people and the environment. 

For more information, please visit www.isustainbeauty.com


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