23 May 2024

Countdown Begins: Only 3 days to the Millennium Experience, Cutting-Edge Business & Fashion!

Step into the most rewarding and prosperous community in the beauty and wellness industry by attending The Millennium Experience 2017. Learn from top educators as they teach you how to become the greatest version of yourself, and transform your business into a cutting-edge and successful salon!

Network and share with successful Millennium S.I. clients, engage with industry leaders, and learn how to grow your business! This tropical celebration kicks of the three-day conference with a stunning and one-of-a-kind performances AND for the first time ever, The Millennium Experience is open to the entire industry!

Register NOW to become an expert at The Millennium Experience 2017!

The eight featured educators that are headlining the event are beyond skillful. They include; John Harms, Nick Arrojo, Matt Beck, Martino Cartier, Winn Claybaugh, Ted Gibson, Mark Bustos & even the dynamic duo presented by Estetica, Woody and Amy Michleb, who will work side-by-side with renowned highlighted educators for the awe-inspiring show.

We built this class exclusively for our ESTETICA and Millennium partnership for this event and we are excited to share it with you. ESTETICA shares our vision of strong education to make our industry grow, as does Millennium, so this collaboration is very special,” says Woody Michleb.

Our goal is to help stylists and owners make more money and that is what this class is about,” says Woody Michleb. “We want to send them home with one or two simple consistent things that will truly make a difference in their lives. We speak to both the salon owner and the stylist together as we believe in fostering an environment of team work and owners not taking the full load of responsibility! If a salon owner is attending our class we would encourage them to bring their staff with them and make them listen in too!

The Millennium Experience has made it a mission to gather top-tier talent that will nurture the artistic side of the beauty pro as well!

Millennium Systems is a company that provides a software that help salons thrive, where they have studied and compared the best practices to the worst, they have secrets useful to anyone who doesn’t shy away from knowledge and business skills! That’s why tickets for The Millennium Experience beauty conference are running out as industry mavens from all over the country steal their chance to learn secrets and skills from the top professionals in their field. Whether it is new technology, a simpler workflow, or advice on how to talk to your stylists, there is always something to perfect in the salon business and it all starts June 11-13 in Fort Lauderdale, FL! Beyond education, attendees can take part in a wild team building workshop and many wonderful networking opportunities.

Surround yourself with people who look more like your future than your past!

Estetica will be LIVE at the event so stay tuned on social media and the website to get all the behind the scenes coverage of this exclusive event!

To learn more about the event, visit www.speaktme.com


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