26 September 2021

Discover Hair Flash Color! The Industry’s ONLY Natural Protective Temporary Haircolor!

Hair Flash Color is an innovative form of temporary color unlike any other on the professional market for luxury salons; the beauty of our generation is DIVERSITY and that applies especially to temporary COLOR.

This product embraces the idea of different much like the millennial client, and helps act as Make up for your client’s hair!

This water-resistant and washable temporary color is disrupting the hair dye market creating a unique and new category. Hair Flash Color was born to be used on all type of hair.
 This product is diverse itself, a product that is easily used by a blonde with long and straight hair and similarly successful when applied to a client of mixed race with curly black hair.

Hair Flash Color has been working with several of ethnic bloggers precisely to emphasize the fact that Latinos, Afro-American, Arabs can all use the product! Shades was created specifically to blend the natural hair color and leaves a perfect natural shiny color.
 Once you get the technique, you are UNSTOPPABLE. Brunette today, Blonde tomorrow , reddish braids, colorful bun… Hair Flash Color is your new fashion allies!

Natural is essential for a product aimed for daily use and this one of the reason why Sylvie Israel created a product without harsh chemicals, and allows men and women to take care of your color as you take care of your creative self.

The formula is made with Argan Oil, that protects and nourishes the hair; Ricin Oil is known be amazing to make your hair grow faster and hydrates it; Aloe Vera repairs and increases the sheen of the hair. Plus, the added Vitamin E and UV protector to offer a complete package to all costumers.
Although it sounds too good to be true… it is in fact the only NATURAL hair cosmetic which protects & colors the hair instantly. Unlike most competitors, this is NOT a chemical aerosol using pollutant gas fluocarbons that cause additional planet damage. It is Free of all unsafe ingredients! Hair Flash Color, Color and Protect the hair in seconds thanks to Mineral Pigments, Antioxidant, UV protector and Nourishing Compounds as Argan & Castor oil and Aloe Vera. Hair Flash Color is more than a simple spray. It is a premium product that thinks about the well being of your hair and that will give you a professional results.

It is dedicated to millions of people who dye their hair, from 16 years old, offering a concept of freedom, a new Hair Beauty lifestyle to the mature ladies who want to cover their roots with an affordable luxury accessory. Hair Make-up, a new fashion accessory that give you more freedom with haircolor as a daily part of a persona’s routine because it is fast and ready to use; after few seconds you can see the difference!

Pros can use this with their clients at the salon and it is so simple to use that your clients will not be able to resist at least one of the 6 shades that this revolutionary product comes in. Salons can add the display at the register and without a doubt, this playful product was born to offer a solution to the eternal problem of overstressed hair coloring problems, which is where this product takes care of selling itself.

Have a look the video below. See the product in action for the variety of services you can charge to add a number more to those tickets!

For more information, visit www.hairflashcolor.com


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