28 June 2022

Estetica’s Gimme-5: Arsalan Hafezi on Organic Pure Care’s Vision, Mission and Purpose

Stylists and Salon Business owners Arsalan and Arezo Hafezi had long envisioned distributing top of the line products and tools to salon professionals for improved quality of service.

With a goal of producing the highest end result for their guests, they traveled to Italy to experience an organic line of hair care products named Organic Pure Care.

They fell in love with the culture, the story behind the product, and the unmatched result of the stylist created organic line. The Hafezi’s continued their journey through Italy to partner with Gamma Pui and 3VE Maestri for Zizi Joon Professional Hair Tools. These high performing hair tools paired with Organic Pure Care products provide the salon professional the outlets they need to be successful. Hafezi Collective’s cutting edge Education Team and resources for marketing in your salon, contribute to a prosperous partnership. Below, we speak to Arsalan about his journey and being part of the Organic Pure Care family.

Arsalan Hafezi is fond of saying, “Knowledge is not power; knowledge is potential power – power that’s released only when it’s put into practice.” This is a crucial distinction to make in order to understand who Organic Pure Care is as a company and we spoke about the nature of the business.

Tell us about your journey with Organic Pure Care, what was that moment where you knew this company was going to have a major role in your career and why?
I had met Andrea Candian at Cosmoprof Las Vegas and inquired about his products, his sincerity captured my attention, after trying his products and really see and feel how great they are I made a trip to Italy to visit his manufacturing and more importantly his team and finding out his vision and purpose. I was blown away by his hospitality and the family like business that he runs. His purpose is shown through products that he makes with integrity and respect to stylists, consumer and mother nature. I fell in love with his vision and passion that he had and has for our industry.”

What do you love about being a leader in the Organic Pure Care family?
I have always valued education, and helping salon owners grow their business through various vehicles, Organic Pure care products are perfect reason to help a salon owner to tap into their full potential in a sustainable way.

Why did you pursue a career in the beauty industry and when did you decide to become a salon owner?
I am a business minded person that opened a salon for my wife over 28 years ago, and saw the potential in our industry and fell in love with it and went to hair school back then. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. We have such a passionate industry that makes a huge difference in every ones life every single day, Stylists, consumer and the community.

OPC is not only safe for the clients but for the environment, why is this an important philosophy to incorporate in your salon?
I have always been an avid advocate of mother nature. I believe we must live responsibly to our environment, stylists, consumer, and our community. For years we carried a product line that was environmentally conscious and responsible, and when it was time for change OPC delivers in a meaningful way in that area. For example, all of their paper boxes are made from recycled material and are recyclable, and at the same time they plant a tree for every tree that is used to make their boxes! What a purpose!

Any secrets or sneak peeks about what is coming to North America through Organic Pure Care? What are you most excited about?
Organic Pure care is constantly is working to improve their products and their quality, at the same time they are great listeners to produce the products that their stylists are asking for. What I love about that process is they take it to heart and complete their cycle of of research and making sure to meet their vision, mission and purpose. What’s new in 2018 for North America that makes us excited is the Men’s line!

For more information, please visit www.organicpurecare.com


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