23 May 2024

Announcing Keune Care range ReLaunch: Promoting the Healthiest Scalp and Hair Possible

Sometimes hair needs a little help to make sure it looks and feels perfect. But one size does not fit all. Each client has her own challenges –from damaged to oily locks and from sun-stressed to color-faded strands– and most people have more than one concern.

To solve each of those problems, Keune Haircosmetics returns to founder Jan Keune’s scientific roots in the pharmacy to relaunch Care, a range of stylist-prescribed nourishing shampoos, indulgent conditioners, healing treatments and results-focused stylers to strengthen, repair and create the healthiest hair and scalp possible.

The sleek new apothecary-inspired packaging reflects the Keune’s family’s almost 100-year heritage in the professional beauty industry,” says Rachael Hoffman, Vice President of Marketing and Brand Development for Keune Haircosmetics North America. “It looks gorgeous on salons’ shelves and backbars and reflects the high quality of the products inside the bottles.

To help stylists diagnose each client’s scalp and hair conditions and then prescribe the care regimen to address those specific needs, Keune has created The Keune Care Consultation through a Consultation Reference Card. It considers the scalp’s and hair’s conditions and the hair’s color and texture, then walks stylists through four steps –Consult, Cleanse, Condition, Complete– to design a unique, custom regimen for each client. The Keune Care line is formulated to be mixed and matched between segments, so you can offer each client a custom solution. Simply choose the shampoo based on the client’s primary hair or scalp concern, choose the conditioner or mask based on the client’s primary or secondary hair concern, then complete the regimen with products that best address the client’s concerns and desired look.

Central to the Care formulas is Keune’s patented Essential Mineral Complex, developed according to long-established scientific practices and principles. These five minerals—zinc, copper, silicum, iron and magnesium—work together to nourish the scalp and strengthen and repair the hair.

Keune Care includes 11 problem-solving segments – watch the video below!

For the SCALP they released the Derma Activate line, that rejuvenates thinning hair and stimulates growth. This segment for temporary hair loss features Rejuvenator Technology, which penetrates the scalp cells, ensuring that liposomes gradually transfer essential minerals, biotin and hair growth stimulants like takanal and caffeine. As a result, hair will have more body, volume and shine, and the scalp’s natural function will be restored. Derma Exfoliate Shampoo is a scalp-clearing shampoo that deflakes, refines and rebalance the scalp’s natural function. Octopirox combats existing dandruff and prevents new dandruff from forming. Its anti-bacterial properties relax the sebaceous glands to relieve itch and irritation. Derma Regulate balances oily hair and scalp with a deep cleansing formula that regulates the scalp’s sebum secretion. Derma Control Complex includes Essential Minerals, bio-sulphur and betaines to calm the scalp and slow excess sebum production.

For CONDITIONING they brought us Satin Oil, which leaves hair incredibly silky, soft and shiny without feeling heavy, thanks to maracuja, baobob and monoi oils. Unique Dual Technology nourishes each strand from the inside out. An oil-infused milky mist, Satin Oil Oil Milk (NEW) has a weightless formula that instantly absorbs into the hair to boost moisture levels without adding grease. The Sun Shield line has UV Protection for elements like sun, salt and water, as Essential Minerals, UV Protectors and active proteins protect, restore and revitalize dry, brittle, sun-damaged hair. Vital Nutrition line is for the knots, nourishes dry, brittle and damaged hair. Nutri-Injection Technology forms a protective shield around damaged strands to restore and revitalize them, as it protects hair from dehydration, environmental damage and UV rays. Vital Nutrition leaves the hair smooth, soft, shiny and easy to detangle

For COLORED HAIR there is the Color Brillianz line, that provides extra protection and nutrition to prevent color-treated hair from fading. Keune’s Color Sealing Complex creates a protective barrier around strands, while UVA and UVB filters protect hair from the sun. Sunflower seed extracts strengthen the barriers and nourish the hair. Tinta Color Care extends the life of salon hair color with Triple Color Protection—the same that’s found in Keune’s Tinta Color permanent hair color. Regular use of these luxurious, sulfate- and paraben-free formulas maintains vibrant and rich hair color, while nourishing and conditioning the scalp and every strand with silk proteins and Essential Mineral Complex.

For SHAPE there is the Absolute Volume gives body and volume to fine hair. Wheat proteins penetrate and thicken hair, adding volume and shine. Liquid keratin increases the diameter of each strand, creating voluptuous volume and incredible shine; Keratin Smooth leaves hair manageable, smooth and strong by restoring hair’s condition and replenishing keratin by injecting it into the outside and deep inside each hair shaft. With regular use, hair is left silky smooth, stronger, healthier and more manageable, and Curl Control creates soft, bouncy and frizz-free curls. Keratin proteins rejuvenate the hair fiber, boosting the curls’ strength, protecting the hair’s structure and deeply conditioning strands. Raspberry seed oil, which is rich in vitamin E, and omega fatty acids moisturize and soften curls while reducing frizz. The innovative Curl Bounce System intensifies curls, while wood-derived ingredients reactivate the curl pattern. The result is strong, shiny, elastic and bouncy curls.

Stay tuned to EsteticaMagazine.com as we will analyze each line separately for you to learn more about these amazing products! For more immediate info, check out www.keune.com


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