7 February 2023

Estetica Exclusive with Poppy Delevingne – System Professional’s Global Brand Ambassador

Poppy Delevingne is a gorgeous flash of energy in System Professional’s launch, with products for a diagnosis based on each individual’s hair fingerprint.

System Professional offers hairstylists the training and products necessary to tap into your client’s unique vibration. Diagnosis and personalization is the future of beauty and foundation of System Professional, shifting the industry with their breakthrough in Prestige Care that is designed uniquely for sales in salons.

British supermodel Poppy Delevingne is System Professional’s Global Brand Ambassador and recognizes the product’s efficacy, and has become the catalyst to introducing the brand to the world. “With my job and in my career, there are so many parts of it that are spent traveling that I kept saying to myself that I needed consistency in my hair,” says Poppy Delevingne. “I would use any shampoo and conditioner that they would leave in my hotel room, so then I started thinking, I am using all of these products for my skin, but just kind of using anything for my hair… it was time to change that.”

The beauty of System Professional rises from EnergyCode Mapping. This is the diagnosis that defines the unique energy profile of the client to determine their personal needs. Defined by the hair’s lipid level, the glue that connects keratin to ensure cuticle integrity and flexibility, this personal “hair fingerprint” has an active influence on the hair’s energy. This, in combination with a range of services and take home care show results that you can see and feel instantly and Poppy wants to share her experience and her newfound admiration for a different approach to hair care.


We started using the product straight away and I noticed such a difference with my hair, it was sincerely something that I was excited to be a part of,” says Poppy. “We already have this personalized approach to how we treat our skin care to the way we dress. You never say, the way I dress is such and such style. We’re all free to experiment in these needs. With System Professional you can mix and match and you can color correct it and it’s just you and not another person that has that specific thing. It makes you feel special.”

Everyone is going to have a different energy code, and it does not come from banal factors, like color or texture of hair, but rather the personal quirks and details that cannot be seen on the surface. In a time where we’re not categorized by anything, and everyone celebrates each other’s choices and what we do… why should we be put into a box?When Chloe first started using the product, she was pregnant,” explains Poppy about her sister. “Then she gave birth and everything changed. They had to redo her energy code because her needs then were completely different. That does prove to you that this is affected also on what is going on in your life, not just if you have curly or thin hair.”


I’ve never been that adventurous with my hair. I really was boring and never had big dramatic changes, except the time I dyed it pink a few times, which was a disaster – but otherwise, my hair gave me confidence,” said Poppy. “I bleached it a year ago and now I love it even more. If I’m having a bad hair day, generally my entire day is going to be bad. So I depend on good hair.” Although she hasn’t had drastic changes in hair, Poppy is an intricate part of the team and oftentimes get sent many of the future projects of the brand that will become the future of the line.

This makes her an invaluable asset to the team’s selection of products before the launch giving her a true hair adventure through this collaboration. “They constantly send things to test and try. It’s exciting to discover new products through such an incredible adventure,” says Poppy. “My favorite product is obviously the Repair Masque. I go straight from my shampoo to masque. I wash my hair three to four times a week, I cover my hair in it and leave it on for five minutes. I love the Liquid Hair – it is so good for detangling and especially for my hair since it’s so heavily bleached. I can’t attack it with a hairbrush! I have to be really gentle but I live in a rush and can’t spend all the time in the world to simply sit there and gently untangle my hair.

System Professional offers possibilities of over 174 million product combinations, or ‘systems’, that contain the new EnergyCode Complex technology tailored to meet the needs of each individual client, making Poppy’s experience applicable to anyone who tries this line with their own Energy Code. Poppy explained that at the end of a long day of traveling or work, she needs to reinvigorate the hair for dinner that night, and flips her head upside down spraying herself with her personal energy code, “and it’s literally like starting from the beginning!

For more information, please visit www.systemprofessional.com


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