24 May 2024

Smart Hair Recovery! Truss Professional launches New TRUSS NET MASK

True to the company’s mission to bring innovative products for all hair styles to the market, TRUSS Professional has launched their latest creation – TRUSS Net Mask, a powerful product aimed for “smart” hair repair.

Because of the advanced NANOREGENERATION properties, TRUSS Net Mask adheres to the more porous areas of the hair, aiding with hydration, reconstruction and nourishment – no matter the hair type!

TRUSS Net Mask offers the nanoreplacement of the protein mass, and aids in nanoregeneration for damaged hair by restoring elasticity, strength, and natural luster. It seals hair cuticles, reduces volume and increases thermal protection while extending hydration and enhancing shine. The result is reduced volume and improved manageability for soft, silky, shiny hair.

To activate the web effect of the product, which is essential for perfect results, place a small drop of the product in the palm of your hands. Next, rub your hands together, then separate and join them (similar to a clapping motion) several times before applying the product to hair. (MSRP $42.00)

TRUSS Net Mask includes eight high-tech ingredients:

Intense Net: Improves manageability for soft, silky, shiny hair.
Amisil: A silicone and amino based ingredient that reduces volume, improves softness and aids thermal protection.
Polisil: Highly conditioning active ingredient that easily adheres to damaged hair strands. It helps define clusters, hydration, and reduces frizz.
Creatine: This microparticle penetrates deep into the fibers, recovering hair damaged by chemical and physical processes, increasing hair fiber resistance. Protects, revitalizes and moisturizes the hair, making it easier to comb.
Sericin: Amino acid to rebuild hair that has undergone chemical processes. Promotes protein mass nanoreplacement for long-lasting softness.
Keratin: Protein that is rapidly absorbed by the hair, increasing its strength and giving it body.
Panthenol: This penetrates both the root and hair follicle, forming an elastic layer inside and outside the fiber to give the hair a humectant effect that allows for rapid regaining of its natural luster and body.
Cotton and Linen Oil: Improves workability and manageability, allowing for soft, silky, and shiny hair.

For more information on TRUSS Professional, call 1-844-TRUSS11 or visit usa.trusscosmetics.com


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