27 September 2022

Essential Looks by Schwarzkopf Professional – Modern Icon Collection: Colorama

Bridging the gap between the catwalk and street fashion, ESSENTIAL LOOKS by Schwarzkopf Professional inspires hairdressers and salon clients each season, with directional catwalk trends translated into wearable salon looks.

This Spring/Summer, ESSENTIAL LOOKS captures the mood of the moment, fusing together dynamic inspiration from music, art, politics, history, fashion and culture to create three distinct trends that provide hairdressers with a fresh vision for 2017.

International Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional, Simon Ellis describes the collection: “Trends give a unique snapshot of a mood, a zeitgeist. They reference the past to reinvent the present creating a brand-new future. Trends are what make fashion so exciting. We’re really excited about this season’s Modern Icon Collection and the way it brings together a diverse range of influences in radically new ways.”

Inspired by the allure of the ‘50s French Riviera, OPULENT showcases sultry glamour and pure sophistication. BEAT ICON celebrates the icons from the ‘60s beat generation – with a timeless urban feel. COLORAMA combines the attitude of punk with Tokyo-inspired neon vibes, bringing us into the here and now with a nod to the futuristic.


Quirky, confident and bold, less is never more when it comes to ‘cupcake grunge’. Combining the rebellious attitude of punk with color-popping hues, COLORAMA features a style for the non-conformist. Random graphic shapes, a ‘mix and un-match’ approach and a clash of color create a fast, fresh statement that’s completely experimental, while influences from Tokyo’s Harajuku street culture makes this trend both futuristic and completely now.

Intermixable bold statement colors make the COLORAMA trend pop as IGORA® ColorWorx™ direct dyes create playful effects in a color clash of neon shades. A kaleidoscope of color is seen either through the mid-lengths and ends, or as an all-over color statement.

Individual style statements are the future; COLORAMA styling is for the non-conformist. Textured, random shapes give a post punk DIY feel, as OSiS+® and OSiS+® SESSION LABEL® styling products support a ‘rough and ready’ finish.

Watch the video below!


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