29 September 2022

Discover the new American Cosmetology Association and how its efforts affect your future in competing overseas!

American Cosmetology Association is soaring to new heights, with opportunities for American hairdressers that needed outlets for international competitiveness!

Organizations give us a purpose and opportunity to build our personal and professional platforms regardless the type of business we practice. ACA’s mission is to unite all American hairdressers and build their image nationally as well internationally!

The American hairdressing organization has been in existence as long I can remember,” says Salvatore Fodera, OMC World President, the largest world hairdressing organization. “Since I moved to America over 55 years ago, I’ve been a member of the National Cosmetologist Association simply because NCA it was affiliated to a global leader (OAI) Organization Artistic international. Today it’s OMC, Organisation Mondiale Coiffure, which organizes the HAIRWORLD – the Hair Olympics in different parts of the world.”

After NCA withdrew its affiliation with OMC, the hairdressers were left in a sort of limbo, which was one of the main reasons for the creation of the ACA. They had lost the opportunity to compete on international level on a grand scale, to represent the USA and to become world champions.

Fodera’s career in hair started in Italy when he was 12 where he worked at a salon after school in his small town. The early bloomer came to the United States at the age of 16, and a year later began working at the just-opened Hilton in the Rockefeller Center, the largest hotel in New York City then and now. By 1975, he had opened his own salon at the Warwick Hotel; in 1991, he moved his business to the St. Regis, a ritzy hotel off Fifth Avenue, where he still works today with his sons, Gianni and Vincent.

Through NCA I was able to build my personal image nationally and internationally,” says Fodera. “These include competing/training and winning many national championships, in 1984 OMC World Cup in Las Vegas, 1986 in Italy, 2002 in Las Vegas lead by my son Gianni. In the Ladies section, we were also recognized in the 1984 OMC World Cup, as well in other World and European Championships titles with the Jr.&  Sr. teams. Those teams were trained by the famous Ann and Gary Bray.” This year Ann Bray is the recipient of the OMC Life Achievement Award presented at the OMC Golden Globe Award during the 2017 OMC HAIRWORLD in Paris.

Later on Fodera got involved with OMC in the administration and has become the World President of OMC since 2004. As such, it was impossible for him to deny to all Americans hairdressers the possibility to access the OMC World Stage. So he consequently founded the new American Cosmetology Association as the sole USA representative to OMC HAIRWORLD – THE HAIR OLYMPICS. The ACA board of directors will work very close with the OMC principle and directions and their selection was thoroughly thought out.

I wanted to give a young person leadership within this organization for the future to come, and I thought, who better that my son Gianni Fodera,” says Salvatore. “A World Champion on his own right, along with a well-known friend Mr. Carmelo Gugliotti as a Sr. Vice President and my other son Vincent Fodera, as Vice President together with two great educators, director Amanda Smoth in the Ladies section and Bruno Frustaci in the Gents section.”

What are the benefits of registering? Aside from access to international competitions and global prestige, each member will receive two beautiful certificates as well two biannual collections created by Irina Baranova – Artistic Director for the OMC Prestige Club, plus a step-by-step video and a fashion magazine of beautiful styles from the OMC Prestige Club!

All American hairstylists who are eager to compete at the 2017 OMC WORLD CUP in Sep.17-18 in Paris, join ACA for FREE! by register online www.american-ca.com


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