20 September 2021

Coachella Hair by R+Co: Top 4 Festival-Worthy How To Hairstyles!

Feeling festival inspired? Lock in festival-ready hair, with or without the festival. R+Co has your mane essentials for creating cool, effortless looks. Learn HOW TO!

The R+Co Team dove into the Coachella craze when it comes to hair! The packaging and fragrances were designed to enhance that experience and evoke a feeling, place, style or attitude. R+Co is all about creating a dialogue between the broader stylist community to celebrate the culture of hairdressing and here get four looks, from space buns (as seen on the fall ’17 runway, courtesy of Garren) to braids, we have details on how to get each look!

Half-Up Space Buns (Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2017)

1. Prep hair with SAIL Soft Wave Spray ($29) for texture, and part down the center. 

2. Create two “Minnie Mouse twists” at the crown. 

3. Finish with OUTER SPACE Flexible Hairspray ($29) to lock in the knots at the crown, and TROPHY 
Shine + Texture Spray ($29) from mid-shaft to ends to encourage natural texture. 

Two-to-One Crown Braids by David Reid using R+Co

1. Prep hair with DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo ($29) and BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste ($28) at the root and through the ends to create texture and hold. 

2. Take a section of hair just behind the hairline, leaving bangs out, on each side of the head and braid each of the sections. 

3. Hold both of the braids together in the back of the head and take a section of hair from either braid and tightly wrap it around the two braids several times. You can use a clear hair tie to bind the braids together. 

4. Gently weave a barrette through the braids and under the natural hair tie you just created and snap in place. 

5. Spray a generous amount of VICIOUS Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray ($29) at the knot and on the braided ends. 

Side Braids by Priscilla Urrutia using R+Co

1. Part your hair in the center or side, whichever you prefer. Before starting the braids, apply TROPHY Shine + Texture Spray ($29) through the roots and mid shaft for volume, texture and grip. 

2. Grab a top section of hair on one side of the parting to prepare your Dutch braid, feeding the braid one side at a time. On either side, you will begin adding hair from the center or side parting. 

3. Continue the side braid until you reach the back of the head just beyond the ears, leaving the hair at the crown to slightly overlap the braid. Tie with an elastic and finish with an accessory of your choice. 

Center Part French by Priscilla Urrutia using R+Co

1. Start with a clean center part and create a section that is half an inch wide and goes all the way down to the nape. 

2. Clip the rest of the hair away from the section and continue to French braid or corn row starting from the top of the section braiding all the way down past the nape to the end of the hair. 

3. For grip, zero fly always, and a clean finish use JACKPOT Styling Crème ($25). Tie with an elastic and finish with an accessory of your choice. 

4. Finally, free the rest of your hair and spray with DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo ($29) for texture and movement. 

R+Co products are available at www.randco.com


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