26 March 2023

Schwarzkopf Professional’s Linda Gilbride Talks Passion for those that keep the Industry Alive With Loyalty

When Schwarzkopf Professional launched the #StrongBonds campaign, they decided to place a flashing bright light and illuminate the beauty behind the people that continuously bring business to salons, despite the elements of life that might separate clients from their lifetime stylists.

This campaign honors the beautiful connection with clients that even the leaders in the industry have experienced and continue to experience in their lives. Schwarzkopf got submissions from all over the globe in various languages, evidence that this friendship is a phenomenon that happens in chairs around the world. Check it out here!

We talked about #StrongBonds with Linda Gilbride, Director of Education and Professional Partner Services at Schwarzkopf Professional USA and the liaison between the US and Global International Teams to develop educational content, guest artists and educational teams for the US!

From your perspective as Director of Education, how successful was the #STRONGBONDS campaign in interacting with stylists?
Our #STRONGBONDS campaign is at the heart of our brand, so the response from our Schwarzkopf Professional fans was exceptional! They loved sharing intimate moments from their career that had made a great impact on their career and in their life.
More amazing are the NEW Schwarzkopf Professional fans that we connected with during this heartfelt connection between a stylist and their clients. Also, the connection between stylists as mentors, friends and fellow artists! We are all connected through this beautiful industry however, our passion, art and talents link us even more through our brand. We truly do believe in our Schwarzkopf Professional mantra of Together. A Passion for Hair – #STRONGBONDS!

What has been the feedback from #STRONGBONDS?
Overwhelmingly Positive – Stylists can’t WAIT to share their #STRONGBONDS stories, we all have these outstanding moments in our career that we believe to be unique to us – until you share them and someone else says, YES, that happened to me too! Similar stories with their own unique identity makes us individuals and part of a community at the same time.

#STRONGBONDS was about the human elements in the importance of hairdressing, why dedicate a whole campaign to this intangibleimmeasurable side of the industry?
We believe that a stylist has the opportunity not only to make an individual look and feel their personal best but, also to touch that individual on a personal level that makes a difference in someone’s life. A stylist becomes part of their personal family moments – births, graduations, weddings and funerals. It is a gift to participate on such an intimate level with a person – it is not only about offering exceptional services. We wanted everyone to know that stylists are important to everyone not only for their professional work but also for the personal connections they make.

In your own #STRONGBONDS story, you mention the emotional moment of working through the death of a client, why was this special and did this experience help you become a better professional?
It made me a more grateful professional. Our clients and families trust us to create their personal “look”. They count on us that they will look their personal best for important occasions in their lives. The confidence a person feels when they look their best exudes in every aspect of their personal and professional lives. It is during that moment, when you are crafting their “final look” that you experience the gratitude of being a part of that individual’s life. My client trusted me during her life to ensure that she looked her personal best and I was privileged enough to provide her last “look.” I will be forever grateful for that honor and for having that experience in my career.

After seeing the many submissions, what story stood out to you the most?
All of the stories that EsteticaUSA has shared during our Schwarzkopf Professional #STRONGBONDS connection have touched my heart! They all speak of wonderful experiences that have made a difference in that stylist’s life. Authentic and passionate relationships with their clients are what makes each stylist experience unique. In reading each story, it confirms to me that #STRONGBONDS is truly at the heart of all that we do!

Do you have other interactive projects lined up for your professionals and educator?
Yes, we are working on a project now that will launch officially in 2018! We believe in recognizing everyone’s unique gift and contribution, we also believe in sharing with our community to make our world a better place, and we believe in the power of magic! Hope that teases you enough to want to know more ;-)… Stay tuned!

How important is it for Schwarzkopf USA as a company to strengthen its #STRONGBONDS with the stylists across the country?
Vital – the hairdresser is at the heart of everything we create; our products, our education, our stylists tools and most importantly the support of stylists in their professional careers and business growth. When you create #STRONGBONDS with each other as stylists, you are ultimately building a community of like-minded individuals that all speak from the same heart!

For more stylist stories, visit www.strongbonds-stories.com


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