24 July 2024

Bellami Hair will Transform your Business! Turn your Color-shy Clients into Haircolor Icons

There is a very real feeling of anxiety when hair virgins come into a salon for the first time looking for a change. The next visit, she may be leaning towards more highlights, and five years later she may have turned into a unicorn, but that initial fear of change is always there no matter what part of the hair journey your clients may find themselves at.

BELLAMI Hair has a way to satiate that fear before taking a hair plunge and may even find a way to boost your business. Hair Extensions are basically an enhancer to an everyday look, and a chance to feel special without committing. This makes it the perfect tool for someone looking to try out a look before taking a pulunge and can seriously change your rate of return on product sales.

Millennials fit in perfectly into this young, hair experimenting market. BELLAMI Hair developed its business through online channels and built its clientele via “influencers” – Social Media gurus who influence the hair industry and consumers by the millions.

That’s why BELLAMI Hair found the ideal partner in hair genius Guy Tang. Having spent decades perfecting his technique, Guy Tang has set the gold standard in hair trends and his work has become a viral sensation. Not only known for his artistic looks, his balayage is legendary and can now be a part of your masterpiece by adding it to your salon’s services.

Guy Tang even made an appearance at ISSE Long Beach to honor in the creation of this exclusive collection. Predictably, a massive line that formed at the hot pink floored booth with its golden Mercedes Benz stamped by Bellami to help celebrate the colab.

OMBRE is a beautiful way to achieve that sun-kissed, ethereal look that every millennial (if not openly then secretly) craves. Go for a dramatic contrast or a subtle transition and change up your look instantly. Estetica editor, Alejandra Acuña got a chance to sit and get her locks done in the Guy Tang 22” extensions and confirmed that the Guy Tang technique is all there and your clients will be impressed by the quality and change that these golden hues can add to a special day.

BELLAMI Hair was created because every woman deserves long luscious locks that are 100% Human Remy Hair, easy to apply, and extremely discreet for that beautiful, glam, sophisticated, wise, elegant, and, best of all, temporary look.

BELLAMI Hair opened its first store in West Hollywood called the Bellami Beauty Bar. Now, around 10 more Beauty Bars are in the works at locations that include Miami, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and another at an additional California location.

Now your client, and your business too can take part in this hair phenomenon brought to you by the best. Indulge in BELLAMI Balayage by Guy Tang, after all, BELLAMI is “Beautiful Me” which every woman must believe she is.

So, for more information do not hesitate to contact bellamihair.com and check out Guy and his famous balayage in the video below!


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