5 December 2021

Estetica Exclusive! Meet American Crew 2017 All-Star Challenge U.S. Winner Jorge Buccio

Congratulations for winning the GOLD! ESTETICA sat down with the U.S. winner of the American Crew 2017 All-Star Challenge competition Jorge Buccio to talk about his amazing professional journey and his passion for hairdressing, fashion.. and men’s grooming!

Jorge was captivated by hair and fashion at a young age. The passion for the marriage between these two soon took him on a wonderful journey, where at the age of 18 he began his apprenticeship at a major Chicago salon and attended fashion design school where he received his BA in Fine Arts, with a focus on Fashion Design.Today Jorge owns J Buccio Salon in Austin, TX while maintaining his celebrity clientele in New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. With celebrity clients like Kirsten Dunst, Mathew McConaughey and Camila Alves, Jorge travels the world educating fellow artists as well as working backstage at numerous fashion shows including New York Fashion Week for the last 6 seasons. Hair and fashion continue to inspire Jorge as he strives to share his vision and talent with the world.

Tell me, how did you decide to enter American Crew All-Star Challenge competition?
Last year I followed the American Crew All-Star Challenge through Estetica Magazine’s social media outlets, and realized this competition is one of the most interactive and exciting in the industry. I was nominated for a North America Hairdresser Award NAHA Men in 2014, and won the BTC Big Shot Award North America Men in 2016 – this also gave me the confidence to decide to enter the competition this year. Also my best friend told me I HAD TO enter this year!

Where were you/what was your first thought when you heard you had won?
I found out while working in Chicago! Last Sunday my best friend called one of the salons I work at in Chicago and told the receptionist to call her back ASAP. As soon as I had a minute I Face Timed her, she asked me to look at something on IG and there was my winning image, I was super excited! Jumping and screaming, was an amazing feeling of accomplishment, so many things came to mind at that moment, just kept thinking of thanking everyone involved on making the images possible.

When was the first time you heard of the American Crew All-Star Challenge?
I heard about the competition in 2015, but it wasn’t until last year that I was following very closely via Estetica Magazine’s social media.”

Tell us about the look you created and the American Crew products you used.
The look I created was inspired on part of my childhood, growing up and going to school in Mexico, we had to wear crisp white shirts and our hair perfectly coiffed, usually with a side part. I took the idea of a side parted look but added some sharp angles and volume to make it fresh, rebellious, and modern. The American Crew products I used on this look are Medium Hold Spray Gel, Boost Powder, and Pomade.

What are your expectations for the global finals in Brussels taking part in a unique photoshoot with the legendary David Raccuglia?
My expectations for the global finals are to learn a lot from the experience, to create some cool killer looks, make great friends and to have lots of fun doing what I love. This is truly a unique experience in which we get to learn and work closely with one of the greatest in the industry, David Raccuglia. Even thinking about it can be a bit overwhelming!

What kind of work would you like to do?
The work I would like to do is the kind of work that I create in my collections and my editorials: I like to create looks that have a fresh modern edge, taking a classic shape and deconstructing it by styling it differently. I believe men’s grooming and styling changes as fashion changes, always enjoy creating looks that are relevant NOW.

Your IG feed is full of backstage runways, celebs, and photoshoots, how has the fashion world influenced your work?
Fashion has influenced me tremendously, I have a BA in Fashion Design, but most importantly being part of runway shows and fashion shoots teaches me how fast styles change, and how current we have to be with new trends and techniques. Fashion has influenced my work by making it fresh and modern.

Do you prefer working with men’s hair or women’s hair?
At the beginning of my career, I didn’t like doing men’s styling, I would run away from men’s cuts – but about 8 years ago I started to look at men’s styling as an opportunity to change how men get their haircuts, analyzing their face shape and fashion style before designing a look for them. Instead of on the chair and ask for a number on sides and back. Now l love creating looks for men!

Do you think entering in competitions in the industry has a special value? Why do it anyway?
I think its very important to enter as many competitions as possible! Competing keeps you excited about your next collection and keeps your imagination flowing, thinking of a new technique or a new style to practice. Every competition entered is a great learning experience.

Do you have any advice to hairdressers that are looking to enter next year’s competition?
My advice is, don’t say, “one day I’ll enter the competition” – do it as soon as possible, enter any competition you know about. Don’t wait until you think you are ready for it; most likely you will never be ready. Sometimes we just need to take the plunge!

The All-Star Challenge global competition finals will take place in Brussels on May 4-5, with the crowning of the 2016-2017 Global Champion taking place on May 8!

Click here to meet the 15 international finalists for the 2017 American Crew All-Star Challenge!

For more information about the American Crew All-Star Challenge, please visit www.americancrew.com/allstarchallenge


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