23 April 2024

Estetica Master Parade: Eight Top Stylists wow the On Hair Stage!

Eight massive names from the world of international hairdressing presented on the On Hair stage for Estetica Master Parade by Cosmoprof.

After debuting at Milan On Hair Edition by Cosmoprof last October, its remarkable success was replicated in Bologna earlier this week at Estetica Master Parade by Cosmoprof. On the occasion of the exhibition’s 50th anniversary celebrations, 8 international top stylists took to the stage:

Mark Hayes @ Sassoon
Raffel Pagès
Tony Rizzo @ Sanrizz
Luigi Neri @ Class
Klaus Peter Ochs @ Intercoiffure Mondial
Carlo Bay @ L’Oréal Professionnel
Salvo Filetti @ JoyÀcademy
Angelo Seminara @ Davines

Their task was to interpret the fashion moods of the eight decades from the 1960s, through the present day and into the 2020s.

Mark Hayes retraced the steps of the 1960s through the legendary bob, lurex dresses, white patent and leather boots, in a tribute to perfection of technique and the sheer elegance of perfect texture and contour.

Spanish hair supremo Raffel Pages chose the 1970s, entrusting his skill to recreating a world in which long hair and social freedom reigned. A softness of movement in the hair also evoked a era dominated by disco and boogie well into the small hours.

Tony Rizzo reworked the exaggerations of the1980s: the cosmic look, use of plastic and black leather, silver clothing accessories.

The 1990s decade beckoned onto stage the acclaimed Italian hair designer Luigi Neri. Vaporous movement in the hair was enriched with shades of pink and orange, plus blue and purple inserts to anticipate the spread and strength of colour that would go onto to characterise the forthcoming decade and well into the 21st Century. “The 1990s was also an important decade for us personally,” added Luigi Neri. “It marked our first-ever time at Cosmoprof in Bologna“.

50 years of Cosmoprof were also celebrated by Klaus Peter Ochs who interpreted the mood of the 21st Century with the 2000s, extremes in hair color –blonde and black– took on ethnic-inspired connotations: a new Millennium, a new beginning.

Tuscan hair guru Carlo Bay brought the elegance and sophistication of the 2004 Diva, given a special touch of timeless feminine chic with delicate vintage waves and undulations.

Salvo Filetti focused his skills on the contemporary – the 2010s. But in showcasing the present, he drew his inspiration from the world of mythology, fairy tale, from the values that anchor us to Mother Earth. “It’s a merger between heaven and earth,” he explained. “I felt the need to defend beauty in its entirety from the global madness that seems to envelop us. There is need for feminine energy in the world, so that real beauty can always triumph.”

The show was closed by the one and only Angelo Seminara. For him, a preview of what’s to come: the story of the 2020s. “My inspiration is increasingly global,” commented Angelo. “Nature, music, art, architecture… My interpretation is driven by a feeling that has been born within me and that I live every day.


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