9 February 2023

Estetica Master Parade by Cosmoprof: The Nineties with Luigi Neri

The Artistic Director of Class will interpret the 1990s on the stage of Estetica Master Parade by Cosmoprof next March 19th 2017. Save the date!

This year Cosmoprof Bologna is celebrating its 50th anniversary. A very special landmark that will be celebrated with an event that promises to be just as exclusive. On the stage of the Estetica Master Parade by Cosmoprof there will be  8 master stylists, each of whom will interpret a decade of hair fashion, from the 1960s to 2020.

Luigi Neri, Artistic Director of Class, will interpreter the Nineties. Here’s what he had to tell us: “The 1990’s are remembered by some as drab and dreary years, but in reality it was a period of great cultural effervescence. An explosion of energies, contradictions, and lively exchange. A somewhat incoherent style prevailed that on one hand celebrated elegance with super-models (the muses of great designers), but at the same time saw an assertion of anti-fashion –a refusal of beauty, order, and cleanliness– with its most widespread manifestation in the grunge movement and the iconic Kate Moss.”

Then there was also the affirmation of new age currents, very spiritual, involving introspective practices aimed at personal growth and meditation,” he continued. “All this took place in a social context that was undergoing rapid transformation: the fall of the Berlin Wall, represented a definitive break with the past, of freedom from an established order, of great hopes, and utopias, that in the excesses of the Love Parade found a channel of expression. Even in hair fashion there was a duality of styles: very clean yet elaborate looks that contrasted with others founded on destructuring and the utmost freedom. Indeed, there were many stimuli from the ‘90’s that offer enormous inspiration for interpretation…

For the 50th anniversary of Cosmoprof Bologna, Estetica Master Parade combines the creativity of  8 international hairdressers, who will retrace the history of coiffure from the 1960s and anticipate the trends of the future. Learn more here!


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