21 May 2024

The Perfect Body, Without the Workout: UNITE Launches Liquid Dust

Fire the trainer, cancel the plastic surgeon. The perfect body is, at last, ready and bottled. UNITE has created a next generation liquid powder spray that instantly dries into a weightless and workable styling tool.

It’s the ultimate in control, lasts all day, and offers the power to sculpt incredible body and volume with or without heat, on wet or dry hair.

What’s innovative about LIQUID Dust is that it’s a product with actual memory,” explains Founder and CEO Andrew Dale. “Unlike other spray or sprinkle-in volumizing powders, LIQUID Dust activates and re-activates with each touch, or brush, throughout the day. In fact, it is so pliable, and workable, that you can comb thru, rework it, all without reapplying more product. It instantly changes the texture of your hair, from silk to suede, making hair feel thicker and fuller.

LIQUID Dust retails for $27.00 and is available at salons across the country and internationally or at www.unitehair.com


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