2 April 2023

#StrongBonds Telling Stories that Define the Unbreakable Ties Between Hairstylists & Guests

Being a leader in the hair industry, a billion dollar industry, does not depend only on the numbers and being the best in what you do, but rests greatly on the ability to create loyal relationships, based on trust and dependability.

Schwarzkopf Professional’s ASK Artists embody belief in the power of knowledge to shape futures. Using the latest learning tools Schwarzkopf Professional equips their artists with all the technical and business skills they need for an authentic connection with their clients and here are the stories that they have encountered in their accomplished hair journey. There’s a very special bond between hairdressers and clients.

They inspire and trust each other, they talk about all their worries and share lots of happy, funny and exciting stories and Schwarzkopf Professional launched the #StrongBonds campaign to place these moments on a pedestal and honor the beautiful connection that even the leaders in the industry have experienced and continue to experience in their lives. They got submissions from all over the globe in various languages, evidence that this friendship is a phenomenon that happens in chairs around the world.

We asked Linda Gilbride, Joey Grimm and Lori Jayhan, all artists in the Schwarzkopf Professional world, why they believe this is such an intangible, but essential, aspect to being a hairstylist.

“The honor of celebrating life changing events”

Linda Gilbride, Schwarzkopf Professional Director of Education & Professional Partner Services, says the life cycle of a stylist is a complete 360° connection to a person or family as a stylist. “They join you as a young child as you begin your career then you share & celebrate all of the life changing moments that make up their lifetime of memories; from their First Communion, First Dance, First Date, Prom, Graduation, College,” says Linda. “This even relates to their love life! I saw them go through their relationships, break ups and then was part of the beautiful moments like the engagement, then the wedding, and then they entrust you with their children and grand children. After that whole journey, I have also been there in illnesses & subsequently their death. What a privilege it is to share in these moments and have the honor of celebrating life changing events! In sharing these moments with your guest, we are always the fly on the wall for each event, ensuring that your guest looks their best, or at least feels better after a visit in our chair. In some cases, it is simply the visit to your salon and the caring listening ear that you provide during their time receiving their service that they feel loved and appreciated. Each visit creates the #StrongBonds connection.

“There’s something so special about making people feel better about themselves”

Joey Grimm, ASK Expert four four years and has had an incredible ride with the brand. He says “I have had clients that have been with me since the first year that I started doing hair. I think it is really underrated how much we need clints. There’s that attitude against what they want and really, without them we wouldn’t even have work! So there has to be that trust. I absolutely love what I do! There’s something so special about making people feel better about themselves, whether its from blonde to brunette or blonde to red, it changes something inside you and that’s, I think, the most rewarding aspect of #StrongBonds. And I even told things in [my campaign video] the story of a client who had almost destroyed her hair and she asked me, ‘I know I have horrible hair, but would you be able to take me on as a client?’ And I saved her hair! We used the new Schwarzkopf bonding technology and were able to do in one visit, what would have taken about three visits to a salon that does not use Schwarzkopf Professional. This inspires them to trust not only on us but on the type of products that we are going to use on them.

“By opening up with your clients, you are able to show them your passion and how much you care”

Lori Jayhan, also an ASK Expert, has established such a relationship with her clients that she has a person that drives two hours to see her – now that’s loyalty! “I think it really comes down to customer service and making them feel great when they are with you,” says Lori. “Another big part about it is really being yourself. I think that clients can tell when you are trying too hard to please or when stylists see them as just a number more. By opening up with your clients, you are able to show them your passion and how much you care. They can see that! And that goes both ways, because you also pick up on when something is a little off, which is what creates that special bond. Sometimes I’ll be having a bad period where business is down and they know that’s why you are a bit down, or when a client has had cancer and they come back to you when they get better. I think that’s what makes the connection so special. Let them be themselves, but you have to open up.”

For more stylist stories, visit www.strongbonds-stories.com


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