19 May 2024

How To: Chrissy Teigen’s Yves Saint Laurent 70s Inspired Waves by Giannandrea

The inspiration for this brilliant look came from the dress, which is black and tuxedo-y. The moment celebrity hairstylist Giannandrea saw Chrissy in that dress, it instantly brought hm back to the 70s. He told her: “We have to do big beautiful Yves Saint Laurent 70s waves, but not sleek Hollywood waves.

Chrissy hugely trusts me and would let me choose a look for her with my eyes closed. She loves fashion just like me and was totally visualizing what I wanted to do. We talked about the 70s era, Studio 54, Disco and YSL and had a fun little moment. We were kinda like ‘wouldn’t it be fun if it was that time again?’,” explains Giannandrea.

Get the Look with Giannandrea:

– First I started with wet hair, very conditioned.
– When I got to the styling bar, I have a process of taking the moisture out of the hair in segments. I used an infrared blow dryer which takes the moisture out without removing volume.
– I dried the hair about 25%, brushed with paddle brush and then used a volume touchable bounce mousse. The moisture helps the mousse work to its best performance.
– I spread the mousse section by section, from root to ends all the way through.
It’s important that you use smaller sections at the crown to give it more volume and to comb the hair in the direction that you want it to go.
I then dried the hair again but without a brush. Once it’s 25% more dry, I use a bristle brush with large sections to dry all the way through which really amplifies the volume and seals the cuticles of the hair. It makes it voluminous – the brush and mousse combined allows the hair to stay shiny yet voluminous. It’s very satisfying when that happens.
The most beautiful thing about the mousse is that it acts as a setting agent. Once you put the iron on the hair, the mousse allows the waves to be molded yet stay very elastic.
– I then drew a little part – not too deep on the side because I didn’t want it to feel too retro. I brushed back one side of her hair on the right. Then I used a 1 inch curling iron on medium sections to put in the waves.
When creating the waves, you must slightly twist the hair before placing on the iron so the hair doesn’t fall flat. slight twist on the iron. Then I brushed the hair again.
– At this point, the waves are super round, so I then stretch the waves with a 1 1/4 flatiron to tap in between the waves – where the wave goes flat, just ‘tap tap’ in between the waves on the flat part while stretching. I always use infrared technology because it’s important for overall health of the hair.
– Then brush the hair again with a Mason Pearson brush.
The final step is the hairspray. I brushed her hair using my hands and followed the waves gently to define them with a flexible finish hairspray. Then I put in long light pressure clips for about 5 minutes to give it a good set without making any marks on the hair. You don’t want the hair to get too stiff so it has plenty of movement.
Finally I make Chrissy walk through my hairspray cloud. I have her walk in and out of it so not too much is applied at one time.

Photo: Getty Images


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