3 March 2024

How To! Malan Breton’s Faux Bob Style by Vivienne Mackinder for Joico

Designer Malan Breton brought his FW2017 women’s and men’s collection to life at the Madison Square Garden in New York, with 51 models whose hair was styled by Joico that included Frankie Grande (Big Brother, and real “big brother” to Ariana Grande) and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Camille Grammer’s daughter, Mason Grammer.

Joico Guest Artistic Director Vivienne Mackinder and her team of over 26 hairstylists sponsored by Joico, all brought the “Joi of Healthy Hair” backstage for the twenties-era hairstyles that served to either, crown the dazzling, art deco Gatsby-esque fashions that luxuriated in metallic fabrics of gold and silver, and Georgian-esque floral gowns and suits, or accented jackets, skirts and boots in jet-black leather, latex or hauntingly rich velvet and furs.

Check out the beautiful Malan Breton faux bob how-to by Vivienne Mackinder – a style that brought the feel of the 1920’s flapper into the modern era:

1. The hair was sectioned off at the occipital bone and under the temple, this hair was braided and secured in the nape. With 40% of the longer hair pinned out of the way this was the base for the faux bob.
2. The remaining top hair was curled with a curling iron using Power Spray hair spray.
3. The set was loosened up with fingers and a large comb and Hair Shake Liquid-to-Powder Texturizer was applied for texture.
4. The hair was twisted and pulled apart and then pinned into the braided base (at the nape of the neck).
5. The hair around the face was dry finger waved into a soft wave.
6. Tendrils were left out to soften the look.
7. The faux bob was then relaxed and gently loosened for a modern look.

Photos: Getty Images


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