22 June 2024

A High Demand for Injections of Color! Pulp Riot hits SalonCentric with Blazing Success!

David and Alexis Thurston, creators of Butterfly Loft & Butterfly Circus, are the architects behind Pulp Riot, a new hair color company that empowers stylists to think of themselves as artists while providing them with superior paint to create their masterpieces, and now is available at SalonCentric stores for anyone with an artist’s soul!

As of Feb 1st they have launched in all of their 565 store locations, with their street teams, and in their sub-distributors State Beauty Supply | RDA ProMart. It’s fair to say it’s an incredibly exciting launch with products leaving the shelves so fast, there are already orders for restocks. We caught up with David and Alexis in the current visit to LBP Studios to the shooting of LNWTF (set to air soon! Stay Tuned!) where they told us that in only seven days they were already having a “good problem” of satisfying the high demand. In other words, go get your Pulp Riot colors before the next restock!

[Pulp Riot] started without any direct sales force or distribution network, Pulp Riot has steamrolled throughout the United States since they launched their initial offering of 16 semi-permanent creative colors five months ago,” said Steve Orzel the VP of Merchandising and Planning. “In announcing our partnership, we believe Pulp Riot is poised for even more explosive growth via availability in our national store network and through our team of professional sales consultants.” 

Their vision fills the gaps of the industry and understands the dynamic between business success and the cool factor that has birthed out of the unicorn and mermaid movements. Since these colorful creatures gained their popularity on Instagram, high-profile stylists are essential and involved, including Ash Fortis, Iris Smith, Jay Wesley Olson, Ricky Zito, and others worked with the Thurstons to formulate Pulp Riot’s line of hair color products.

As a stylist my schedule is often unpredictable, and because of this I often find myself in a situation where I can’t wait a day for an order to get to me,” sais VP Alexis Thurston. “There will surely be times that even I will be in a predicament where I need a certain color and I’ll be shopping for Pulp Riot at a SalonCentric store.

This team of stylists from the beauty community had become more influential in shaping current color trends than the traditional beauty industry had, and they had become increasingly underwhelmed by the color options that were available to them, so they set out to formulate products that were easier to apply, had more vibrant tones, faded truer to tone, and lasted longer.

We’ve created a unique relationship designed to keep us in complete control of our brand, allowing us to maintain our high level of authenticity, and realize our mission to create a company where there are zero degrees of separation between artists who create products and artists who use the products,” says David. “With this SalonCentric partnership, we’re creating a more effective and economical way to get superior products and meaningful education to professionals throughout the United States.”

According to Pulp Riot VP Alexis Thurston, the convenience of store locations is going to be game changing, but the Pulp Riot team is even more excited to join forces with SalonCentric’s amazing Street Team and provide them with tons of support through education, events, product launches, and social media activity.

SalonCentric shares our passion for serving hairdressers with innovative products and education,” says David. “We’re excited to partner with them because they have such a large reach, yet they still maintain an entrepreneurial spirit.” 

The Pulp Riot team created a wholly new kind of bright culture, where color is the momentum of the brand, and social media is the platform on which it’s education thrives. They are uniquely positioned to achieve their mission because never before have the people creating the products been so accessible and closely tied to the people using the products.

Pulp Riot’s launch has been quite a ride,” says David Thurston. “The buzz it’s generated and the speed of growth make it one of the biggest beauty industry launches to date, and it has even exceeded our expectations. There are a few things we are doing that are unique when it comes to education,” says David. “Pulp Riot currently provides 3 different types of education, this includes Pulp Riot Lab, Pulp Riot is my Jam, and Pulp Riot Hands-On Education.”

For more information on the product and where to find them, visit pulpriothair.com


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