2 February 2023

Engage. Educate. Serve. Macadamia Professional launches Chatbot on Messenger

Macadamia Professional, in partnership with Botworx.ai, announces the launch of a revolutionary new chatbot-powered luxury haircare tool on Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

The premium haircare brand is a pioneer in utilizing the cutting-edge chatbot technology and harnessing artificial intelligence to engage, educate and serve their global customers.

Andy Rah, VP of Global Marketing for Macadamia Professional commented, “We wanted to do something that would help us reach and build a conversation with our younger consumers; Botworx came to us with this concept, and we really fell in love with it. Our first iteration gives consumers a different way to connect with our brand, and even make purchases easily through the Messenger app. In the long run, we hope to evolve it into a truly unique experience for our brand’s fans.

The brand experience begins on Facebook at www.facebook.com/macadamiahair/ and on Facebook Messenger at https://m.me/macadamiahair. After messaging the bot, customers automatically receive a series of questions for the system to engage with them in a consumer-led conversation.

The bot responds with a plethora of information, including a hair profiler where quiz questions posed to the consumer seek to understand their individual hair texture and styling needs. Suitable hair products are then suggested, with the option to purchase the products online. Product tips then enable further product discovery with detailed descriptions, associated products, hair care tools and accessories.

Consumers can opt-in for a weather-triggered Frizz Alert feature. Consumers engaging with this portion receive a message when there is over a 70% humidity level for their location. The alert also provides information on which products best combat hair frizz.

Another feature includes a social hub, which houses Macadamia Professional’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram content in one place to promote social sharing. This unique capability to share content across social media platforms boosts viral sharing and discovery, bridging together several social media islands.

We are very excited to partner with Macadamia Professional to help bring their chatbot to market,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO of Botworx.ai. “Team Macadamia’s focus on delivering a highly personalized and glamorous experience really showcases the power of one-to-one marketing, guiding the consumer through discovery, education, utility and ultimately commerce. Macadamia Professional was quick to embrace this new technology, understanding that this new channel is a powerful and viral tool for brands to connect, communicate and transact with a broad community of consumers around the world.”


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