20 March 2023

A Doctor’s Journey into Beauty: Dr. Brinkenhoff of Revitalash Cosmetics Reveals his Success!

Dr. Brinkenhoff is the energy behind a brand that has revolutionized the category of fine and thinning hair. It started with the eyelashes, followed by eyebrows with the help of Cara Delevingne’s look, and now, the revolutionary technology characterizing the brand now has expanded into haircare, through the launch of ReGenesis by RevitaLash only last year.

Leading the ReGenesis by RevitaLash campaign is Tracey Hughes, one of the leading educators in the hair industry, and immediately had a connection with Dr. Brinkenhoff. He took a few minutes in his day to talk to ESTETICA readers about his journey from Ophthalmology to beauty industry maven, and what he sees for the future of the brand.

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How did you start your journey with beauty?
That’s an interesting question to an Ophthalmologist. Had you asked me that question thirty years ago, I would have laughed it off as not possible! My journey with beauty was truly unexpected and it all started with my wife, Gayle. At the time the original RevitaLash® Cosmetics formula was developed, Gayle was battling metastatic breast cancer. She talked often about the tolls the disease and treatment were taking on her appearance – specifically her brittle, lifeless lashes – and she would share with me the way it made her feel less confident and less beautiful. As a man, I had never made that connection of the importance of eyelashes in helping a woman identify with her sense of beauty, confidence, and overall femininity. I wanted to do something that would help my wife feel good on the inside and out. I started researching alongside a trusted group of cosmetic chemists who helped me develop our first lash conditioner – from there RevitaLash® Cosmetics was born. Little did I know I was pioneering an entirely new beauty category that would be booming 10 years later.

In your experience, what makes having a medical background important to a company within the world of beauty?
Integrity, trust, safety and compliance are pillars of the RevitaLash Cosmetics brand. The experience as a physician specializing in Ophthalmology and going through the years of education and training to become board-certified establishes a foundation of sound ethics and best practices that is carried forth in the ethos of the company. We stand behind our products and strive to bring the best to market with responsible business practices, innovative technology and, at the end of the day, helping people feel good.

What has made RevitaLash Cosmetics so adaptable in the industry?
The power of helping women feel naturally beautiful. I’ve found through this journey that there is an undeniable emotional connection to our overall sense of well-being. When we feel good on the outside, we feel more confident on the inside. Our products have helped so many women regain their sense of confidence.

From a business perspective, brow and lash technology is thriving, but you were there at the start. When did you first realize that these products were going to be big?
When Gayle’s friends starting asking for the secret to her beautiful lashes, then friends of friends and suddenly, we couldn’t keep up with the demand.  We realized we had something truly special and it became an overnight success.

What can hairdressers expect from getting involved with RevitaLash Cosmetics for their business/clients?
We hear time and time again that bringing our brands into salons has a direct impact on generating increased retail revenue. Our products carve out a niche category that does not compete with other retail lines and does not require an extensive time commitment to on-board staff on how to sell. Due to the high demand for lash and brow products as well as the growing need to address fine and thinning hair, our brands fit seamlessly into any salon business model. In addition, there is a “feel good factor” in helping women celebrate courage and beauty. The unique heritage of our company and our support of breast cancer research speaks to hairdressers looking to make an emotional connection with the brands they support and recommend to their clientele.”

What is important in your brand’s culture?
Philanthropy and giving back to the breast cancer community is at the heart of our company. We donate a portion of our proceeds from the sales of our products to breast cancer education and research initiatives, not just during the month of October but year-round. Three years ago, we started the Annual Gayle Brinkenhoff Symposium at City of Hope that brings together some of the most brilliant minds in the research area of the BRCA gene and breast cancer. October 2017 will mark our fourth year sponsoring the Symposium. Our ongoing efforts set our company and brand apart and create a powerful feeling of pride knowing that our products help make a difference in peoples’ lives.

At Intercoiffure, we witnessed the brand’s announcement of its collaboration with Tracey Hughes, tell me a bit about the moment where you two met and what it was about her that motivated this new image?
Tracey is a world-class hair stylist, educator and motivator. We are fortunate to have her as part of our team.

What role does education take part in the company now that Tracey Hughes, the educator of educators, is now a member of the team?
Education is a critical component to the success of any professional beauty brand. With Tracey Hughes presence, we now have a greater ability to reach more stylists and estheticians at an elevated level. Her enthusiasm to educate, years of experience perfecting her craft and excitement for the RevitaLash Cosmetics and ReGenesis brands, will infuse new energy into our education initiatives while inspiring the industry and raising the bar.”

What is happening in the industry that inspired ReGenesis by RevitaLash Cosmetics?
Through market analysis, research on beauty trends, and invaluable feedback from our spa and salon partners, we identified a growing need for products that address the needs of fine and thinning hair. Inspired by the aging population as well as hearing greater and more frequent concerns from women about fine and thinning hair, we made the business decision to apply our proprietary lash and brow technology to hair and expand our portfolio into the hair care category through the introduction of ReGenesis by RevitaLash Cosmetics.

Every company has a secret to innovation, how do you see these steps as a move to the future?
Our proprietary technology, BioPeptin Complex®, featured in our lash and brow conditioners as well as our Hair Volume Enhancers in the ReGenesis® brand, is a true cosmetic breakthrough. Following in the steps of this innovation, the future is bright to maximize the cosmetic impact this extraordinary technology can have on reaching more women and men in exciting new formats. We are excited in our R&D exploration to maintain our high level of innovation as we strive to bring the best in beauty to the salon and spa professional in the years to come.


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