20 September 2021

Dear Salon Owners, Your Salon is NOT Home

Alex Dobao is an international beauty business whisperer, holding all the secrets to success from a financial standpoint. Today we get deep into the concept of spending too much time in the salon and how it is important to always remember you are the host of your business place, not your “home.”

It is common to hear amongst salon owners, that they are proud of spending more time at their salons than they do at home; it is even more common to hear that them call their salon their home. In part, it is true, and it is simple to understand them. I have had my own salons and can attest to that feeling, until one day, I realized a few things that I want to share with the ESTETICA readers and I would love to get your feedback.

Is it truly necessary to spend that much time in the salon? Why is it that you consider your salon a home, could it be a risk?

If someone spends too much time in their salon, it might be because there are a lot of things that need to get done, or because a certain financial goal has yet to be met. If the reasoning is a deficit, then a thorough study of your finance organization is in order. When it is not due to this reason, then there is a void in the team and is not capable of covering the necessities of the salon. It is also possible that the owner may be a self-employee instead of an entrepreneur. 

On another note, there is THAT sensation of “feeling at home.” Potpourri might seem like a good idea but you have to be careful. If it settles well, then a balance can be a very positive thing but if it does not balance well on the scale, then the consequences can be very negative.

When it is negative to “feel at home”

– When you speak and act as you wish, including when the vibes are not flowing smoothly in the workplace.
– You organize it and redecorate as you please not for the team’s efficacy.
– You relax and chat with people who come “visit” you with comfort, without realizing they’re in a place of business.
– When ‘visitors’ arrive before or after hours because they are comfortable.
– When you buy and recommend what you like and not what is best for the customer
– The comfortable clients move to speak to you even when you are with another client.

When it is positive to “behave like a host”

– Treating everyone with equal kindness and elegance through your professionalism.
– You create a great environment for your clients with your team so clients feel like guests of luxury.
– You decorate with a functional vision in mind that makes you feel at peace and targets your desired clientele.
– When “visitors” arrive before or after hours because they are comfortable.
– You listen to the clients and maintain professional conversations by assessing and providing solutions. If the client does not want to talk much, learn to read the signs.
– Organize your time so that no one waits and so services are preformed in the allotted time.
– Always help your clients get their desired products based on their wishes and needs despite your brand.
– Your clients respect your work so be quick in respecting scheduling and not getting held up.
– You work diligently and intelligently to be productive but also have time to dedicate to PR and to your personal life.
– You craft a list of adequate prices, rentable for your business and ideal for your client base.
– You are respected by your team and clients who value your advice and professionalism, and behave the way they should a lawyer’s space or a doctor’s office.

Now, what do you think? Is your salon your home or are you a host of your business as an entrepreneur?

Have a happy and productive day!


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