28 May 2022

Get the Look! Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Youthful, Sophisticated Style by Matthew Monzon

2017 SAG Awards winner, Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ graced the red carpet with a youthful, sophisticated hairstyle, a tribute to the late Mary Tyler Moore, created by Schwarzkopf Professional and Julia’s celebrity hairstylist, Matthew Monzon. Learn HOW TO recreate the look!

THE LOOK: Sophisticated and chic, as well as youthful. Smooth hair, that had overall shine and vibrancy; was the ultimate key to the entire look. The flip in her hair (impossible unless the hair is smooth) was a tribute to the late Mary Tyler Moore, which seemed all too timely; since she was a trailblazer for women in television and the acting world, and gave inspiration to women all over the world.  

THE PREP:I used Schwarzkopf Professional’s BC EXCELLIUM TAMING with Q10+ + OMEGA-3 range on Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ mature, thick, curly, color-treated hair. PERFECT for coarse, colored, aging hair, it was the key to creating her 2017 SAG Awards look,” says Monzon.

The TAMING range: Nourishes and tames coarse frizzy hair. Rejuvenates. Helps to preserve color.

A substance detectable in every human cell and indispensable for the energy production in the respiratory chain, powerful co-enzyme Q10+ stimulates the hair root to reactivate keratin production. OMEGA-3 is known in the food and cosmetic industries for providing the essential lipid nutrients needed to maintain hair and skin in optimum condition, as well as preventing signs of aging. It helps to tame wiry, coarse, unruly hair while it smoothes the hair surface.


1. Starting with freshly washed and lightly conditioned hair, Monzon used BC EXCELLIUM TAMING SHAMPOO WITH Q10+ + OMEGA-3, and BC EXCELLIUM TAMING CONDITIONER WITH Q10+ + OMEGA-3, both from Schwarzkopf Professional. The Q10+ and OMEGA- 3 helped to improve the hair’s strength and elasticity, and adds shine and vitality to mature hair that is colored.  

2. Since he wanted a smooth, predominately straight style, he took a quarter sized amount of the BC EXCELLIUM TAMING MILK WITH Q10+ + OMEGA-3 emulsified in his hands, then distributed it through the hair, from the mid-shaft through the ends.    

3. To achieve volume and body in the hair, he used SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL’S BC EXCELLIUM PLUMPING SOUFFLÉ WITH Q10+ + COLLAGEN and combed through the hair from root, to ends. 

4. He then proceeded to blow dry the hair, lifting it with his hands to get the bulk of he moisture out. He lifted sections of the hair with a large round brush, to give the hair a smooth and shiny finish.  

5. Once a section of hair was finished, he placed her hair in large velcro rollers, working his way from the back of her head to the front. He left the rollers in for 20 minutes, while Julia was whisked off to makeup.

6. Once the rollers had cooled, he removed them and brushed through the hair.

7. Creating a shallow center part, and taking a 2″ inch large barrel iron, he smoothed the hair, and gave the ends a subtle flip.

8. He finished off the look with SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL’S OSiS+ ELASTIC Finish Hairspray to lock it all into place, and she was ready to hit the red carpet!

Photos: Getty Images


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