7 February 2023

Caring is Sexy! Sexy Hair is Celebrating $1 MILLION Donated to Charity

The very daring industry icon, Sexy Hair, has just achieved a major milestone in charity work, having reached their $1 Million donated after only six years! Last night, they threw a very well deserved soiree – Sexy Hair Red Party with glitter and red lights painting over the night.

Karl-Heinz Pitsch, President and CEO of Sexy Hair, was involved in this endeavor and spoke to the importance of charity work within a company as well as capitalizing on assets to continue to invest in the technical and emotional relevance of the brand. “We are here to further the success of the business, but that’s what we get paid for that’s why I am so proud of achieving the one million dollar goal,” said Pitsch. “We worked on it as a team and mostly on our free time, and that is beside the business successes.

This happened throughout the course of many different activities and the money was seen by many charities. Of course, there are many ways to amount a million dollars, but Sexy Hair did it through the likes of annual walk-a-thons involving the whole company, warehouse sales where the company was selling products to peers in nearby neighborhoods, and all the individuals that go out to have hands-on events for people that go through cancer treatments to deal with the concrescences of treatments like hair loss and hair thinning and work with them individually.

During their Red Party last night, Sexy Hair also donated $144,000 to Look Good Feel Better, a program dedicated to improving the quality of life and self-esteem of people undergoing cancer treatment. The program offers complimentary group, individual, and online sessions that teach beauty techniques to help people with cancer to face their diagnosis with greater confidence.

One of the most emotional moments of the night featured the special performance of America’s Got Talent star Calysta Bevier. While introducing herself, the 17-year old Ohio native explained her pixie hair was the aftermath of surviving stage 3 ovarian cancer and having a 5-pound tumor removed. “About a year ago Look Good Feel Better reached out to me and they wanted me to be a Dream Girl for their event. I love it because it embodies the empowered women and it’s all about feeling confident. When you lose all you hair and are going through chemo, you get sick of looking sick all the time. Sexy Hair just makes women feel better about themselves on that same note. You wake up with bedhead, but then you get it under control and feel sexy,” said Calysta to Estetica.

In June 2015, Sexy Hair supported the Look Good Feel Better Reimagine Beauty Makeovers for cancer survivors at the National Women’s Survivor Alliance SURVIVORville convention by providing hairstyling for cancer survivors attending the 3-day conference.


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