2 June 2023

Get the Look! Olivia Culpo’s Gorgeous Braided Style by Justine Marjan for ghd

Newly appointed ghd ambassador Justine Marjan used ghd’s wetline to give Olivia Culpo perfectly gorgeous locks for her braided style at the Golden Globes. Justine used the ghd Smooth and Finish Serum to give her braided bun a sleek finish. Learn HOW TO!

For Olivia’s look during the Golden Globes, we wanted to create a unique hairstyle that played off the textures, colors, and intricate details of her dress,” says Justine.

TIPS/TECHNIQUE:To start, I prepped the hair with the ghd advanced split end therapy ($28) and ran it through the ends of the hair. Next, I applied the ghd smooth & finish serum ($24) to the roots of her hair to boost its shine. Then I blow dried the hair using the ghd air™ hairdryer ($199) with the ghd ceramic vented radial brush size 3 ($40), until the hair was smooth and straight. Once Olivia’s hair was completely dry, I sprayed hairspray all over the to create grit and hold for easier styling.”

Then, I parted her hair down the middle and pulled an inch of hair from both sides of the temple, clipping it to the side. Then took the hair underneath both areas and created an inside-out French braid down to the nape of the neck and pinned in place. After, I then released the clipped section of hair to cover the beginning of the braid and also pinned it at the nape of the neck.”

Next, pulling the remaining hair and creating 3 random strand braids, I wrapped the hair into a low bun and pinned into place. To finish, I used a final layer of hairspray to hold the hair and glided a toothbrush over any flyaways to seal in the look.”

Photos: Getty Images


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