30 November 2023

Topsy Turvy Tools! German Engineering for Unique Haircuts with Tondeo Rotation Shears

Get more comfort and freedom to twist and turn with the Tondeo Rotation Shears, that features an eye that rotates 360 degrees on the lower blade.  The design was an innovative idea created on an idea that U.S. based designer Carmelo Zammitto came up with.

The hair stylist and industrial designer been in the beauty industry for over 34 years as a master educator and has once again created a pioneer tool with Tondeo that can significantly improve performance behind the chair.

Constructed of premium-grade blade metals and manufactured and distributed by Tondeo AG in Solingen, Germany, the Rotation S shears features a lock that allows the eye to remain in its position while you work. It also features a rotation free version where the eye can freely rotate and allows complete comfort.

The 12 gear positions of the Rotation S shears increases your precision and your confidence for an accurate cut every time. Perfect for cutting wet or dry hair, the rotation free model rotates freely and allows unlimited positioning and control. The blade does not completely close and allows ease of sliding, channeling and removing volumes.

Zammitto’s innovation holds a patent for his Rotation Design Ring, a feature of his Turn Heads Collection that is very highly recommend it for all Professional Industries and includes the 360 Rotation S and Rotation Free shears. The versatile shears offer increased styling control and reduce stylist fatigue.

Twist and turn while you cut without feeling restraint.

In particular, I have focused on developing the most ergonomic system to reduce user fatigue and increase range of motion,” said Zammitto. “Realizing this potential I have reached out to surgeons who have overwhelmingly showed great interest in this technology.

The basis of the technology is the handle of The Rotation S shears, which pivots in 12 positions to increase cutting precision. The blades do not close completely, facilitating cutting techniques on wet or dry hair, including sliding, channeling and removing volume. The Rotation Free model rotates makes The Rotation Collection Scissors Universal use for right-handed and left-handed people with unlimited positioning and control for detailed cutting on wet or dry hair.

Another breakthrough Zammitto has been a part of is the design & patent of “the Rotation Thumb Ring Model Shears which allow the perfect balance in it’s control & performance for the basic or freestyle hair cutting. It is seamless in all hair cutting systems and provides superior performance in comfort while reducing range & motions in wet or dry cutting.

For more information on the Tondeo Rotation Shears visit tondeo.com or contact Carmelo Zamitto at 617-331-0804


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