20 March 2023

Don’t Hide Behind Age: Fly to Paris & Win at OMC Hairworld + Master Stylist Award

When competing in hairdressing, age is not a factor, it is an advantage – but it is not frequently that one sees a competition where skill, mastery, and experience gets sorted into their separate category highlighting their advances caliber of expertise.

OMC is the largest professional hairstylists’ organization in the world and is responsible for hosting a very special competition designed for the Masters who have not lost the fascination and obsession of the craft. With over 50 Member countries and over 2.000.000 individual members worldwide, this is a competition that will lure the most competitive and, at the same time, most advanced in the industry on a global scale.

This competition’s age cut-off is 50, so anyone above that magical number can register for 2017 OMC Master Stylist Award competition set to take place in OMC Hairworld Paris 2017 – Monday, September 18th!

This is what OMC does. It offers a Global platform to all competitors of the beauty sector of Hair, Aesthetics and Nails to become World Champions in their own field among competitors from the 5 continents.

The World Organization is represented by a Board of Directors, composed of Global Directors and Zone Presidents. It is managed by the OMC World President / CEO Salvatore Fodera, who as always, plans an event that manages to somehow surpass their previous annual success.

OMC Hairworld 2017 World Cup offers the best of international hairdressing in terms of creativity and technical skill, and is always a huge draw. And what else is on offer at this amazing event? All the latest news and updates in the fields of hair, beauty, cosmetics, and nailcare will be presented, with a particular focus on men in the Man’s Beauty Life Zone.

For more information on the OMC Master Stylist Award or the event itself, please visit www.omchairworld.com


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