27 January 2023

Estetica Spotlight: Are you well groomed? Vaughn’s got you covered

Let’s face it, brands are very much aware of the explosion of the men’s grooming world and understand the need to further support this growing interest in how to look good and how to teach men the best way to cause sensation with the least amount of effort.

One of our favorite blogs is Well-Groomed, written by experts at V76 by Vaughn, because of their very exclusive access that gets them to an elbow-rubbing distance from the celebrity stylist himself, and we just had go give you a taste. Below is a post from the latest launches in V76, getting men ready with the right products and advice for the new year!

With the launch of V76’s newest grooming greats, Vaughn Acord—the man behind the brand—continues to give guys what they need, and does so from his experienced perspective. This fall, the brand released four new products that cover two new categories. Daily Balance Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, Daily Balance Facial Moisturizer and 4-in-1 Cleansing Foam live comfortably in V76’s Face Forward category, while the Blue Cedar Eau De Toilette is the line’s long-awaited fragrance debut and can be found in its Gifted Man collection. V76 is growing and doing so with a purpose, but we’ll let founder and brand namesake, Vaughn, take it from here.

Why is now the right time to release V76’s newest products?
V76 has always embraced the word ‘grooming,’ so when the line originally launched with 20 key products, we knew we would eventually expand in order to delve into gifting, travel and skincare. We are now starting to fill these categories—Gifted Man and Face Forward—with everything a guy needs in his routine. It takes time to get the correct formulations, and with these four new launches we felt we had it right.

What excites you most about stepping into the Face Forward category?
I’m excited about the progression of men’s grooming and having guys actually add these steps into their routines. I’m also happy with the effectiveness of the products. Skincare and hydration are important and we really concentrated on both in the formulations.

Why do men need to invest in these products?
Men’s skin is different than women’s skin, and it needs to be addressed as such. The simplicity of the products allows men to get to the point quickly and effectively.

Why did you choose Blue Cedar as the scent that would start the V76 fragrance story?
Currently, V76 has three different fragrances—Desert Lime, American Riviera and Blue Cedar. Blue Cedar became extremely popular as soon as the line launched with requests for a candle or fragrance almost immediately. The scent, which is behind the V76 moisture products, has warm, woody, invigorating notes.

Can you tell us a little bit about your own morning routine?
Right after I wake up, I stretch. Then I get in the shower where I brush and floss my teeth and spend a few minutes under the water exfoliating and washing my face. After that I pick the right shampoo for the day—sometimes it’s the V76 Brightening Shampoo for my silver hair, but recently I have been experimenting a lot with new soon-to-be V76 formulas. Then I get out, apply a facial moisturizer and do a quick check of my face in a magnifying mirror to catch any stray hairs around the nose and sideburns.

What’s next for V76?
We are going to continue to grow the line and look into expanding our categories. But first and foremost, the product has be effective and necessary. You will never see three different versions of the same thing in our line. It is too confusing for a man and not necessary. V76 strives to be well rounded and when something new drops into line it will always be necessary. For example we are working on a deodorant, and every man needs deodorant. Our Gifted Man category also opens up a ton of possibilities for men who are constantly on the go.

For more information, please visi www.76.com


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