2 February 2023

Men can be Product Junkies too! Groom yourself with V76 for the New Year!

Ahhh Shaving. ’Tis the season of icicles and snow, with arid winds that cut your cheeks and dry flaky skin that desperately begs for hydration and care. Well, in winter, grooming is not so much a task conducted for vanity but mores for skin health.

V76 by Vaughn addresses these beard and skin need in a way that not many brands do. They approach Haircare, hair style, grooming and skincare separately, and do so with American-sourced ingredients formulated without petroleum, sulfates, parabens, minerals and gluten. Cruelty-free and vegan or vegetarian.

More importantly, they carry the name of a male celebrity hairdresser who is acutely aware of men’s fashion and care in the same department. Below, we found the three beard saviors that are carried by the brand: the Clean Shave Hydrating Gel Cream, the Smooth Shave Cream, and the Shave Beard Oil.

For more information on V76, visit www.v76.com

This rich, lathering gel-to-cream softens even the most stubborn of stubble, readying it for the cleanest of shaves. Conditioning vitamin E beads soothe the skin for a superbly comfortable finish. Lather on during or after a hot shower. Shave. Wash clean. Anyone in search of the cleanest of shaves. Desert Lime // $19.00


BLUE LIPOSPHERES: Filled with vitamin E, blue lipospheres smooth and remove dryness by helping skin retain its natural moisture levels.
ALOE VERA: Locks in moisture and soothes irritated skin.

This rich moisturizing cream conditions stubble with a blend of vitamin E and essential oils to prepare facial hair for the smoothest of shaves, letting the razor glide and leaving the skin soft and clean. Winner of a 2016 Men’s Health Grooming Award. Lather well onto stubble. Shave. Wash Clean // $19.00


COCONUT OIL: Helps to strengthen and nourish the skin with Vitamin E.
SWEET ALMOND OIL: Locks in moisture and soothes irritated skin.
FRAGRANCE: DESERT LIME – A sensual, spicy fragrance that awakens the spirit. Basil, Lime, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Vetiver

This conditioning oil softens coarse beards and mustaches. Easily absorbed, it soothes facial hair and skin, leaving them hydrated and protected. Applying Beard Oil: Rub onto body of beard. Fully coat from skin to end // $19.00


SAW PALMETTO: Promotes skin and hair health while soothing the skin and scalp.
SAFFLOWER OIL: Prevents dryness, smoothes roughness and soothes skin.
FRAGRANCE: BLUE CEDAR – A magnetic woody scent that is soothing and elegant with leathery accents. Coconut Milk, Nutmeg, Violet, Peach, Blue Cedar Tree, Moss, Leather Accord


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