29 September 2022

Play with your Styling: Create Wondrous Hair Cocktails with 2017’s Keune Blend!

The beginning of the year is an ideal time to revamp our life, including our hair. With styling creeping back into our lives, a new line was absolutely essential to give fluidity between hairstyles that can be taken from night to day, for hairdressers who are expected to recreate hairstyles ten times in one afternoon.

The launch of Keune Blend celebrates the individuality of every style you create for every modern muse, style chameleon and free spirit who sits in your chair.

Keune Blend by Keune Haircosmetics is top-shelf mixology for hair that’s going places. Mess it up. Mold it. Make it your own. Smooth it. Crunch it. Twist it. Pin it up. However you style it, do it your way with these 14 premium blends. Use them alone or mix them up for a heady cocktail of creativity in your hands. Suggested retail price for each is $24.00 and launches January 1, 2017!

Blend is inspired by what’s happening around the world,” explains Chris Sulimay, Keune Advanced Academy and Technical Director. “Trends come and go, but with Blend, you can change things instantly. So mix and match. Grab as many products as you’d like to create your own unique blend. Need inspiration? We’ve got you covered with the eight international looks we’ve put together.”

The collection includes:

Keune Blend Shape (SRP $24.00): This go-to texturizing cream for short, sweet hair is perfect for creating unique, funky ’dos, then mashing them up and restyling. Ozokerite, a hard mineral wax, gives hair body and structure, while special polymers provide fixation. To use: Rub Shape in the palms of your hands and crunch, shape and style dry or damp hair.

Keune Blend Paste (SRP $24.00): This intense texturizer makes it easy to create a messy, undone style for that “I just woke up like this” effect. Multi-Vitamin Complex energizes and nourishes hair. Beeswax and fixing polymers ensure long-lasting, creative textures. Hair remains pliable for easy restyling. To use: Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair, then scrunch and style as desired.

Keune Blend Clay (SRP $24.00): The ultimate matte texturizer for bold definition features super-strong Kaolin natural mineral clay to hold hair in place and minimize shine for that perfectly imperfect style. Multi-Vitamin Complex energizes and nourishes hair, which remains pliable for easy restyling. To use: Rub product in the palms of your hands and apply to dry hair.

Keune Blend De-Frizz (SRP $24.00): This major shine booster creates seriously silky-smooth hair, no matter what the length. Multi-Vitamin Complex energizes and nourishes hair, while a blend of shine boosters defrizzes for a soft, smooth feeling. Defrizz is enriched with fibers for flexible hold with shine. It leaves hair tangle-free and easy-to-comb. To use: Apply to damp hair and set or blow-dry.

Keune Blend Gel (SRP $24.00): Like to be in control? Then this one’s for you. This concentrated, transparent gel creates a static-free, wet-look effect that lasts. Multi-Vitamin Complex energizes and nourishes hair. UV filters protect hair color against fading, while a conditioning polymer complex provides static control and strong fixation. The high-viscosity gel dries fast and makes hair easy to style and finish. To use: Apply to damp or dry hair, then shape into desired style or smooth it on for a wet-look effect.

Keune Blend Wax (SRP $24.00): Make the most of short and medium-length hair with this smooth, clear wax. It creates perfect definition sans grease. Simply rinse it off with water at the end of the day. Wax on, wax off! Multi-Vitamin Complex energizes and nourishes hair, while glycerin and mineral oil add moisture and shine. Hair won’t dry out and remains pliable for easy styling. To use: Apply to damp or dry hair, then scrunch, squeeze and style, as desired.

Keune Fiber Wax (SRP $24.00): Structure-strengthening fibers give hair body, volume, texture and structure, all while maintaining an elastic, flexible hold without adding weight. Multi-Vitamin Complex energizes and nourishes hair. Rice proteins provide natural protection from UV rays. To use: Emulsify a small amount in your palms and apply to damp or dry hair. Style to perfection.

Keune Blend Glue (SRP $24.00): This water-resistant glue locks hair in place without stickiness for ultra-strong, ultra-matte, ultra-stylish hair. Multi-Vitamin Complex energizes and nourishes hair. A special co-polymer forms a moisture-balancing, water-resistant film to fight humidity. To use: Emulsify in your palms and work through damp or dry hair

Keune Blend Sea Salt Spray (SRP $24.00): Pure sea salt gives hair more volume, body and texture instantly without making it dry or tangly. To use: Spray all over towel-dried hair. Allow it to air dry or grab a blow-dryer for even more texture.

Keune Blend Prep Spray (SRP $24.00): If you’re using a flat iron, curling iron or blow-dryer, be sure to prep tresses first with this versatile spray. Soft styling polymers not only protect hair from heated styling tools. They also help your style last longer. Multi-Vitamin Complex energizes and nourishes hair.  To use: Spray generously on dry or damp hair, then blow-dry and style.

Keune Blend Gloss Spray (SRP $24.00): Unique shine boosters make hair super-glossy and shiny, while providing grease-proof definition. To use: Hold the spray 12 inches away from dry hair and spray away.

Keune Blend Refreshing Spray (Dry Shampoo) (SRP $24.00): No time to wash? No worries. Refresh your roots with this genius spray. This lightweight formula cleans without water, as it absorbs oils and volumizes for good-as-new, second-day hair. Multi-Vitamin Complex provides instant conditioning. To use: Shake well and spray throughout the hair to absorb oils and odors. Or, spray directly onto roots. Allow it to sink in, then brush or work it lightly into the hair lightly.

Keune Blend Volume Powder (SRP $24.00): Pump up the volume and create incredible texture while retaining hair’s natural movement with this lightweight powder. Sprinkle it on, scrunch it up and watch hair reach new heights. The flexible hold leaves hair easy to style and restyle and builds as you add product. The product has a backcombing effect that lasts throughout the day. To use: Sprinkle a small amount of powder on the roots of dry hair, then massage it in and style as desired. For extra volume, apply powder to the entire hair shaft.

Keune Blend Fixing Spray (SRP $24.00): This powerhouse working and fixing hairspray ensures maximum hold and big volume that lasts all day yet brushes out easily. It’s super-strong but won’t give you helmet hair. Multi-Vitamin Complex energizes and nourishes hair. To use: Hold the can 12 inches away from the hair and mist across. Shape the hair quickly before the spray dries.

Launches January 1, 2017! For more information on Keune Blends, be sure to visit www.keune.com/na


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