29 September 2022

Estetica Exclusive with Wella Studios Signature Artist Frank Andrade

Wella Studios Signature Artistic Team members are the essence of hairstylist talent embodied, redesigning education, traveling around the country teaching Wella’s precious little secrets, and improving the look of the world one head of hair at a time!

Frank Andrade is a Wella Studios Signature Artist who thrives in this environment by supporting stylists with public speaking and education while literally jumping from coast to coast. He told us about himself, his journey with Wella, and what life is like as a Wella Studios Signature Artist!

How did you begin your journey in education?
My journey in education began when I became a Sebastian Advocate back in 2010. As an Advocate I got to partake in amazing trainings on the latest trends and was empowered to pass that information and inspiration on to my fellow stylist.”

When was the moment when you knew education was going to take part in your career?
The first time I stepped into The Studio in Woodland Hills I was so impacted by the caliber of education and culture with the Studio Trainers. I know that education was the avenue I wanted to take my career.”                                                                                                                                     

Tell me a bit more about presenting this year’s Wella’s trends, and how hairstylists reacted to the looks?
My role as an Educator and Mentor with the Wella Trends this year was extremely rewarding. Empowering stylists to interpret the trends through their own inspiration always leaves me with a great feeling.

What is it about these annual trends that sets Wella, as a company, apart in terms of color?
The trends that Wella puts out every year are not only an inspiration for haute couture, they are what is relevant in the beauty industry as a whole.

What are the key trends –in terms of color & cut– that you see coming in for 2017?
In 2017 it is all about enhancing the clients’ best features. Through utilizing a makeup contouring philosophy in hair we can bring forward the clients best facial features. In cutting a strong shape with the style versatility is always on trend.

How would you define your personal style when it comes to your creative projects?
When it comes to creative projects I love to work with many different textures in the hair whether that is natural texture or texture created through styling. That with the combination of strong shape and distressed color is where my creative eye has been taking me.

Knowing that Wella has a strong commitment to education, what is your perspective on the hairdressing industry and education?
I believe that there is a need for quality education in the industry due to the fact that our industry is constantly evolving. To be the best stylist that you can be you have to evolve with it.

As a member of such a prestigious team, what is the question you get asked about most by stylists around the country?
The top question I get asked is: How to become an educator? My response is always the same: you have to have the drive for education constantly seeking it out yourself and the passion to help others grow.

What role do Wella’s Artists play in terms of education within the company?
As Wella Artist we are the face of education. Stylists depend on us to provide them with the information and skills they are seeking out to grow as stylist.

So, what have you done to stay on top?
I feel that it’s a long road to the top and once you think you are there you have to realize you can always push yourself further. Taking courses all over North America is how I continue to grow.

Which was the course/seminar you gave this year and enjoyed the most?
This year was an amazing year for us in Education, we launched our new Cut Craft Seminar and I think that was one of my favorites of the year. To be able to offer such an empowering course for stylist at any level in their career was a really good feeling.

In terms of the future and longevity with the brand, what are your goals with Wella?
My goal with Wella is to make sure that we are always proving the inspiration and information that grows our stylists. Offering them what they really need, ways to not only build their craft but also revenue behind the chair.


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