19 May 2024

Estetica’s Tell the Tale: Andrean Noir on Education as R+Co’s Director of Training and Content

New York City based artist Andrean Noir began educating hairdressers in 1997 and dove onto the stage with success in the world of Luxury Brand Partners (LBP) as Andrean is the R+Co Director of Training and Content.

She began her career in the fashion and beauty industry as a model with Satoru Model Management in Tokyo. Although she now travels next to James Pecis and flies from Fashion Weeks to education classrooms, Andrean was integral to launching education programs for brands like Bumble and bumble and Ouidad prior to joining R+Co. When not leading cutting and styling classes at the LBP Studios in Miami or in salons across the country and around the world, Andrean can be found at her New York studio performing hair services for her VIP, referral-only clientele.

She spoke with us about the state of education in the hair industry and what she see as the perspective of someone standing on the stage.

We know that you have been educating for some time now and we wanted to get your opinion on R+Co Education and how it stands out to you as opposed to other brands’ education.
I think that R+Co education really stands out because of our approach. It’s all about the why, not the how. Having a strong foundational background is incredibly important but its time to think outside of the “cookie cutter” sectioning and be present with what’s happening in front of us.

This year, R+Co’s Collective focused on technical education on styling and cutting, how do you translate these concepts into the culture of the brand?
I have the privilege of sitting down with all 3 iconic founders –Garren, Thom Priano & Howard McLaren– and pick their brains. They have so much knowledge and so much to give the industry. So, I take as much as I can and translate it into a teachable curriculum.

Do you decide the trends that you want to feature at the events, what you want to focus on?
At the regionals, I always tailor it to the man in my chair. Don’t get me wrong, I have several reference photos that I’ll pull inspiration from but I add a modern tailored twist to suit the guy I’m working on.

On that note, tell me about the program that the team is working on for the new year.
We have exciting programs that are being offered at the Miami Studios and future in-salon classes. Our Miami Studio classes are:
– Razors V1 – Introduction to Razor (hands on)
– Razor V2 – Razor cutting with the (hands-on) why in mind. Creating disruption and movement.
– Master Class with Howard:
   Day 1. Full day of Howard doing demos.
   Day 2. Attendee hands-on
– Curl Class – Breaks the myth of not using a razor tight to kinky curls. Gain a deeper knowledge to curly care and cold styling (hands-on).
– Garren Master Class:
   Day 1. Involves an eye opening blow out and a curling iron set (hands-on).
   Day 2. Demo by Garren cut and Iconic styles (hands-on)
– Thom Master Class – A very intimate class that is all about asking the questions about lifestyle and suitability for our male clientele (hands-on).
– In-Salon Classes (Demo-Only)
   R+Co Park Ave Blow Out
   R+Co Short Cuts
   R+Co Curly Iron Sets

Let’s talk a little bit about you, personally. In terms of future with the brand, what are your goals with R+Co?
My title right now with the company is Director of Content and Training. I’m very comfortable being where I’m at. What I look forward to is the global growth of the company and having more opportunity to visit all of the markets. Every time I travel abroad I learn so much about the way other countries/regions see hair. That inspires me and I grow.

Any way you can drop some hints to Estetica about the new launches and your tips to use them?
I can’t really drop any hints on future products that the guys and I are working on BUT I can say, they will blow minds (again).

What is your opinion on the state of education in the hairdressing industry?
I think that there’s amazing foundational education out there. It’s a shame that a few stylists are not utilizing it. I believe R+Co education is like getting your doctorate degree in hair.

For more information on R+Co please visit www.randco.com


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