23 May 2022

Drive your Business Forward: Discover the NEW Wella Education Online Platform!

Your education at your fingertips! Specialist techniques through the new Wella Education online platform offer flexible and tailored lessons in creative hairdressing! Check it out…

Here’s a very exciting statistic for you to consider: Wella Education is accelerating salon business growth by an average of no less than 9%*. If you think of that in terms of the effect it would have on your bottom-line, it’s easy to see why a comprehensive and, above all, easily accessible education facility is really important to your on-going salon success.

You also need to factor in the positive effect it could have on your clients – a wider more expert skills base can only lead to greater client satisfaction. The new Wella Education online platform brings this success even closer, thanks to its flexible and tailored lessons in creative hairdressing, whatever the stylists’ schedule or expertise level.

In a cluttered, fast-paced world where time is tight and competition fierce, we need to invest every minute wisely. The Wella Professionals Education system provides a new flexible and fun approach to hairdressing education that can be tailored to suit different learning styles and skill levels. It is especially suitable for hairdressers on the go.

Wella Professionals’ new e-learning platform helps ambitious hairdressers up their game by gaining new creative skills in an instant and accessible way. In addition to face to face seminars with Wella trainers, hairdressers can now instantly access tutorials on their lunch break or on their way into work on their mobile device.

The modern online program, designed in cocreation with world famous Kineo by City & Guilds, offers ‘pre’, ‘during’ and ‘post’ phases that match different levels of expertise, curriculum, and even learning styles. The e-platform’s ‘challenge and support’ approach to e-learning gives stylists the choice between two routes to learning in the menu bar – you can either jump into an immersive quiz right away or take things a bit slower by visiting a series of tutorials first. The bite-size sections mean that stylists can stop and start their learning as they please, making the program truly flexible. They can also personalize their own learning by creating playlists of seminars, access exclusive content and track their progress via the e-platform.

The success of Wella Education has a proven track record. Why miss out on business growth, profit and more time for boundless creativity? Wella’s modern, creative and time-efficient approach to learning makes education more engaging and new skills more immediate. Discover Wella Professionals’ new e-education offer and get trained on an extensive portfolio of products: www.wella.com/education

*vs non educated salons based on financial data from FY 11/12 Actuals (12 Months) results vs. previous year 38000 of salons in France, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland by the Procter and Gamble company.


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